Vendor Management Mobile Application Free Source code

Vendor Management Mobile Application Free Source code

Project Context

At the moment, technology has enabled both small and large organizations. The use of technology significantly adds to the automation of organizational activities. Technology has contributed in the improvement of a company’s operational efficiency and overall consumer delight. Initially, only huge firms benefited from smart means and mediums that might streamline their company operations. However, as technology evolves, bright brains have invented valuable applications, platforms, and other digital tools for small businesses. This study focuses on developing an application to automate management of vendors in market. The researchers will develop an application that will provide various vendors and customers with a smart tool with a smart tool to automate the complete selling and purchasing activity. Despite technological advancements, businesses continue to operate manually; they have a physical store where their items are exhibited, and customers visit. This research project focuses on allowing researchers to fill in the gap seen.

The adaption of technology used is mainly for automation. The capstone project entitled “Vendor Management Mobile Application” is a centralized platform for various vendors and customers. The platform will allow customers to browse nearby store vendors that they need and make an online purchase. The said project is a platform that provides nearby locations to various vendors that the customers may need. The proposed project is a mobile application that allows registered users to search for nearby vendors that may serve the products they need. The proposed project will make selling and purchasing activities easy, convenient, fast and efficient.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective-the main goal of the project is to design, develop and implement a Vendor Management Mobile Application that will streamline searching nearby vendors.

Specifically, the researchers aim the following objectives:

  1. To implement an online platform for vendors and their customers to transact.
  2. To design a system that functions as a platform that streamlines operations of various store vendors.
  3. To allow customers to browse nearby vendors and purchase products conveniently.
  4.  To allow vendors to attend to queries and purchases of customers.
  5. To evaluate the system in terms of user acceptability, effectiveness, productivity, quality, and reliability.

Importance and Significance of the Project

The capstone project, “Vendor Management Mobile Application,” is designed to streamline vendors and customers’ selling and purchasing transactions. It is a place wherein users can find multiple vendors they can visit for the product they need.The Vendor Management Mobile Application is a database-driven system that stores the records of vendors, customers and their transaction records. The implementation of the system will benefit both the vendors and customers with easy and convenient management and purchasing, respectively.

The following are the beneficiaries of the system:

Store Owners. As the main target users of the application, they will directly benefit from the success of the project. The vendors can now easily, conveniently, and efficiently manage their stores.

Researchers. The success of the project will give them credit for developing a helpful application for vendors. Their experience will further enhance their skills and knowledge in developing a successful application.

Future Researchers. If the project will be successful, it can serve as their reference in making updates or developing their version of the application.

Features of the System

  • Register Page – this page will allow vendors and customers to register in the system.
  • Welcome Page– this is where the vendors and customers are directed when they log in to the app.
  • Landing Page – this serves as the homepage of the application. The vendor management mobile application landing page can help businesses keep track of their vendors and improve communication. The landing page features a searchable database of vendors, as well as tools to manage supplier performance records and communication logs. The application also provides alerts when vendor performance falls below specified thresholds, so businesses can take corrective action quickly.
  • Product Details – This module allow management of products in the system. This is where the vendor can add, edit, update or delete product details.
  • Vendor Details – the admin or the vendor can add, edit, update or delete vendor details. This module allows management of vendors in the system. The application provides users with the ability to view vendor information. This information includes the vendor name, contact information, and account details. 2) Edit vendor information: The application allows users to edit the information of their vendors. This includes the ability to change the name, contact information, and account details of the vendor.
  • Location Map of Vendors – this module allow management of locations of the vendors. This will allow customers to view the map of where is the vendor is located.

Advantages of Mobile Application

Staying connected is more crucial than ever in today’s fast-paced society. Whether you’re keeping in touch with friends and family or need to remain on top of work-related activities, mobile applications make it simpler than ever to do so. They also offer quick and simple access to a variety of knowledge and resources, which is a terrific way to make your life simpler.

A mobile application, also known as a mobile app, is a software application designed to run on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular as businesses strive to find ways to improve productivity and efficiency.

Mobile applications have several advantages for businesses. By giving employees access to information and resources wherever they are, they may aid in boosting productivity. By giving workers the resources they need to do their jobs more efficiently, this can help decrease wasted time and increase efficiency.

Additionally, mobile applications can support consumer engagement for enterprises. They enable customers to make reservations, track orders, and receive information about goods or services. This can assist businesses in retaining customers and boosting sales.

Finally, mobile applications can help businesses to manage and track data. This can help to ensure that information is accurate and up-to-date, which can improve business decision-making. Overall, mobile applications are a powerful tool that can help businesses to improve their efficiency and productivity.


Vendor Management Mobile Application Free Source code - Landing Page
Vendor Management Mobile Application Free Source code – Landing Page
Vendor Management Mobile Application Free Source code - Location Map
Vendor Management Mobile Application Free Source code – Location Map
Vendor Management Mobile Application Free Source code - Product Details
Vendor Management Mobile Application Free Source code – Product Details



The study showed that the developed system has great potential in providing the pre-defined needs and requirements of the respondents and intended users. Hence, the researchers concluded that the developed system is an effective platform to ease up selling and purchasing of products and goods. The system is sound in providing customers with access to various vendors nearby and purchase product they want. The system will make selling and purchasing activities easy, fast, convenient, accurate, and efficient.


The significant result of the study prompted the researchers to recommend the implementation of the system highly. The researchers suggest that the target end-users download and install the system to streamline searching of nearby clinics. The researchers recommend the application for its efficiency and reliability that can be rendered to the end-users. Also, the researchers suggest that the target end-users should familiarize how the mobile application works for them to use it properly.


The researchers intend to create a centralized platform where customers may browse nearby suppliers and buy the things they require. The project will be developed using the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) technique by the researchers. To ensure seamless and accurate functionality, the project will be tested, checked, and evaluated. The study found that the built system has a high potential for meeting the respondents’ and intended users’ pre-defined objectives and requirements. The researchers recommend that the target end-users download and install the system to speed their search for local clinics. The researchers recommend the program because of its efficiency and dependability to end users.

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