IPO Model Conceptual Framework of Farm Management System

IPO Model Conceptual Framework of Farm Management System

The capstone project entitled “Farm Management System” is an online platform that can be accessed by a web browser using the computer, laptops and mobile phones. It is an agricultural database system intended to automate the records management of cow information, vaccine and feed monitoring. Sales of cow, milk and meat is also part of the system core modules/features.

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This article will give you an example on how to prepare a conceptual framework on the capstone project entitled Farm Management System. The model used for the conceptual framework of this study is the input, process, output model or IPO model.

Objective of the Study

  1. The study aims to design, develop and implement a system that manages the processes and reports generation of Farm Management System.
  2. To provide an organized and accessible farm records management.
  3. To create and develop an alternative farm record management that will be used by the farmer to help them in process their transaction in an effective and efficient manner.
IPO Model Conceptual Framework of Farm Management System - Diagram
IPO Model Conceptual Framework of Farm Management System – Diagram

The image above is the conceptual framework of the project entitled Farm Management System. It is based on IPO model or also known as the input, process and output model.


The input phase or the knowledge requirement stage consists of the following:

  • User Requirement – the researchers conducted an interview with the farmers to identify their needs so that the team can develop the appropriate farm management system that will answer their existing concerns.
  • Programming Knowledge – after determining the problems, a solution must be provided and that solution is in a form of information system that will be written in the programming language where the researchers has and adequate knowledge. The researchers will use PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap for the farm management system is an online/web based platform.
  • Hardware Requirements – the system cannot work alone without the hardware such as the computer and mobile devices. The researchers had explained it to the farmers that they need that hardware to fully utilize the farm management system.
  • Related Literature and Systems – the researchers conducted a research on the different literatures and related systems to serve as a guide in the development of the Farm Management system.


Analysis and Quick Design

During Analysis and Quick Design, the researchers did a personal interview with the respondents and the chosen client where the study was conducted. The respondents were given the chance to suggest how the system will be designed. After conducting the data gathering, the researchers made an initial design for the proposed system.

Data Analysis

The researchers will analyze all the data, user requirements and information. This phase also help the researchers to have an idea on how to create the system and have an idea on how the proposed system would be beneficial to the clients.

System Design

The researchers will start to develop the proposed system. It includes the design; how the system would look like based on user requirements, and the researchers/programmer would like to add personal design to make the system more interactive and user friendly.

Prototype Cycle

This stage will include the compiling, building, demonstration also refinement of the data gathered by the researchers. The researchers first build a prototype based on the planed design and data tables. After building the prototype it will be demonstrated to the client. The researchers show the function of the system, the flow on how it works, and the functions of the features that are included in the system. The last stage is refinement where in the researchers will refine the system by client’s additional needs. This will include changes in features flow and functions based on the requirements.

Testing and Evaluation

This will include the feed backing of the proposed system after it will be implemented and had undergone testing by three Experts. It will also inform the researchers and the developer if there are any bugs, suggestion and if the system’s functionality will works well.

This will discuss the implementation of the propose system wherein Three (3) Experts will evaluate the propose system. This will also discuss if the recommended functions and suggestion are met.


The final product of the study is a database driven information system that will replace or aid the respondents in conducting the Farm Management system. Implementation of the system is highly encouraged.


Benefits of the System:

  • Innovation will always bring efficient and effective records management
  • Utilization of Information Systems makes your data secure, updated and accessible.
  • The farmer becomes equipped with a platform which puts all of his field work and paperwork under unified control simpler than ever.


  1. The farmers may consider utilizing the Farm Management System as an alternative approach in their record keeping and other farm management transactions.
  2. The researchers recommend that the Farm Management System should be upgraded into other aspects of records management not only limited to the cow related information.
  3. The researchers recommend that future researchers/developers continue to improve the proposed system.

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