Admission System with Email Notification in PHP and MySQL

Admission System with Email Notification in PHP and MySQL

Project Context

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Every school and university have a lot of everyday processes to complete, yet each activity has specific departments and sectors that manage the transactions. In actuality, these processes were done manually, making it difficult for them to admit and enroll college students without the risk of mistakes and delays. This is where technology will help school operations and transactions in every way. The college administration will also be able to cut back on mistakes and delays by enrolling pupils. In this situation, the researchers create a platform that makes it simple and practical for both sides for students to be admitted. Big schools and universities can use the “Admission System with Email Notification in PHP and MySQL” as a superb platform for their admission operations and transactions, and everything will go smoothly after that. Knowing that the educational system uses technology for data processing, record keeping, teaching and learning, and its enrolment system. This platform is therefore relevant for this. A well-designed admissions system will lighten the stress on those who typically handle all the work. The system has a notification option that allows students to be told through email that they have already been accepted to the specified college. An easy technique to handle admission documents due to easier access and fulfilment of requirements

The school’s admissions procedure is conducted in the conventional manner. Around a thousand students were admitted to a four-year program. The school’s enrollment is growing every year, making it too time-consuming for the teachers or enrolling officer to maintain student records manually. A school’s manual admission process may result in erroneous assessments of student performance, the destruction of student data, inaccurate reports, and a delayed enrolling procedure. Students will be perplexed about what to do and how to do it in order to enroll. It is quite helpful in the school because it makes the procedures for admitting students considerably simpler.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective – The primary goal of the project is to create a computerized admissions system for the school that will offer quick, precise, and user-friendly admissions procedures.

The following are the exact goals the researchers had in mind when they carried out this study:

  1. To make updating the student’s record as easy as possible for the responsible teacher or admissions official.
  2. To expedite admissions for all year levels.
  3. To offer a database for student records so that admissions representatives may quickly search, find, and update information.
  4. to develop a system that allows students to easily enroll in college and submit necessary information.
  5. To create a notification-enabled admissions system that can alert students of their admissions transactions.

Significance of the Study

Admissions personnel. The system’s existence will make it simpler for admissions officers to admit candidates to the college because it will be simpler for them to gather data and the system itself can produce organized output. The admin will deliver sufficient and precise output, and their transaction will go without a hitch. The administrative office has a significant impact on the system’s benefits.

Schools. Students will consider applying to the college with the right and precise conditions of processing, providing the institution a positive impression due to its simple transactions. Profits for schools will result in larger and greater benefits.

Students. If a college had a system like this, admission would be the simplest process for them. Because all of the indicated transactions will already be stored in the system, processing the admission would be quicker and more accurate. Additionally, they won’t visit the schools any longer because they have a notification system that allows the personnel to inform them of their admittance.

Researchers. Their programming skills and expertise will advance as a result of the project.

Future Researchers. They can use the research as a reference if they wish to develop their own version of the admission system or enhance it.

Features of the System

  • Dashboard. displays the most crucial data that the administrator can access and manage.
  • Admin Log in Portal. refers to a feature of the proposed system where authorized users will be required to enter their user ID and password in order to access their user account.
  • Admission List. a feature that presents a list of students who have successfully completed the admissions process together with all of the information that has been gathered about them.
  • Admission Form. a form that students must fill out completely in order for the system to register them for the institution and generate the necessary information.
  • Admission Configuration. Information displayed here, including identification information, birth certificates, and other moral documents, will function as the student’s unique identification.
  • Email Notification. The fact that students will only be informed of their approval or rejection makes this feature fantastic.


Admission System with Email Notification in PHP and MySQL - Admission Form
Admission System with Email Notification in PHP and MySQL – Admission Form
Admission System with Email Notification in PHP and MySQL - Admission List
Admission System with Email Notification in PHP and MySQL – Admission List
Admission System with Email Notification in PHP and MySQL - Dashboard
Admission System with Email Notification in PHP and MySQL – Dashboard

Credits to the developer of the project


The study focuses on developing an admissions system that would make it much simpler and more convenient for both sides to admit students to colleges. The system has a variety of characteristics that enable it to serve users’ needs successfully. No matter how many pupils are accepted into the college, the institutions will find it beneficial to handle their entrance. The schools, employees, and students get successful results as the error-proneness is eliminated. The study’s conclusions showed that the developed system met the needs and requirements of the intended users and responses. All of the errors and problems with the manual attendance method will be resolved by the proposed solution. The system’s implementation will result in accurate, timely, convenient, and efficient admission.


The researchers developed the Admission Method after observing how schools handle admission manually. They strongly recommend that the educational institution take this system into consideration because it has a favorable impact on the schools. The system is suggested since the target users can profit from its dependability and efficacy. The system should definitely be used because it will result in dependable and accurate student records and information. Additionally, it will offer them the simplest and most convenient way to conduct business when admitting students to the college.


The school’s current systems, including the admissions process and record keeping, are manual. They have used the manual system since the school’s inception. Because it takes time for the enrolling officer to sift through the filing cabinet and find the student’s records, the manual updating of their records slows down the admissions procedure. There are delays in the examination of pupils since the enrolling officer needs time to review the students’ past grades and some of the students’ records are lost. Counting subjects takes longer as a result of disorganized student files. Through enable a wider yet simpler range of processes from enrollment to admissions, researchers created the Admission System. Officers won’t have to wait long to identify and admit kids because the system already has the necessary procedures and data in place. The system is a direct alteration of something, taking over the best transaction that can be made within the walls of the school to cover the manual. Additionally, the system has many characteristics that lessen an officer’s burdensome job and tasks. Dashboard, Admin Log in Portal, Admission List, Admission Form, Admission Configuration, and email notice are examples of features.

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