Touch Screen Based Coin Operated Water Dispenser

Touch Screen Based Coin Operated Water Dispenser

Introduction of the Study

The researchers of the system named Touch screen based coin operated water dispenser aimed to provide a platform not just for making automated water dispenser which is coin operated but to provide a classier water dispenser which is more valuable today. This system is touch screen based which the users can have lot options in terms of choosing the desired water they want. The options will be presented is not visible to the current dispenser that we usually see in every neighborhood.

The current system which is only provides one factor and one output. The proposed system will no longer be providing only one option for the user. The system is improving the current system. Touch screen based because all options will be display on the screen so that the user will have the option to choose what they desire to drink, whether it’s cold, warm or hot. If ever there are leaked coin, user will only press anything from the screen so that the problem will be solve.

Touch Screen Based Coin Operated Water Dispenser
Touch Screen Based Coin Operated Water Dispenser

In terms of money, if user’s doesn’t have a coin, they can still enter a money bill, they will only type in the screen the price so that the machine will provide change. All the possible transaction just like, prices, change, options will be given.

The proposed system was presented for the end users. This is for providing a lot of options and to not make a boring water dispenser. This system will more modernize and superb improve water dispenser.  For the certainty of this project the researchers will provide questionnaire to be answered by the end users, they will also provide clarifications and difficulties that might appears in operating or in development  of the system.

Objectives of the study

  • To design and develop an Arduino based touch screen operated water dispenser.
  • To create a feature that will count the number of coins inserted and send a report to the owner of the water dispenser.
  • The system will be the new platform that could provide not just one but lot of option to the users’ even it is just machine for water.
  • To make a new, modernize and efficient water dispenser.

Significance of the study

The following individuals or group will benefit from this system:

Owners: one benefit they can gain is that a customer’s trust, loyalty and happiness. If ever they implement a system like this, then they makes users life easy and valuable, they made them experience out of the best. The system will also send a report on the number of coins inserted.

Future Researchers. The concept demonstrated may be used as source of data in conducting new researches or in testing the validity of other related findings. This system will guide the researchers who would like to conduct study. This study will also serve as their cross-reference that will give them an overview about the system.

System Design and Methodology

The researchers selected the Rapid Application Development for the progress of the “Touch Screen Based Coin Operated Water Dispenser” process model in the system development life cycle used to refer to discretion the conventional waterfall model. This model includes the requirements, analysis, and documentation on the different stages such as data analysis and quick design, system design, prototype cycle, testing and deployment.

Analysis and Quick Design phase

In this phase, the researchers with the client and respondent will give a privilege to suggest and request on how the system design, the researchers must plan and analyse every requirement, uses and activities needed for the development of the system. It is included here the preparation of questionnaire, interview and the different procedure which is the data gathering.

Data Analysis

The researchers analysed the data that was obtained from the initial data gathering. The analysed data will used towards the design and development of the system, thus making sure that all recommendations of the end-user were met.

System Phase

The researchers started to develop the proposed system. It includes the design or layout of how the system would look like based on the user requirements, and researchers/programmer would also add personal design to make the system more interactive and useful.

Prototype Cycle

This phase of rapid application includes demonstrating, refinement and developing. After the analysis of the gathered data, the researchers had started the system development which was based on the recommendations from the end-users. After the prototype has been developed, demonstration of the system was done to the end-users. If there are some recommendations after the demonstration, the system will be refined based on the results from the demonstration.


At this point, the whole design and its construction is put under a test to check its functionality. If there are any errors, then they will surface at this point of the process.


In this phase of integration, the client puts it in use after the system has been successfully tested.

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