Online Platform for History Subject Capstone Project

Online Platform for History Subject Capstone Project

Programming Environment

 The front-end language is usually visible to the user in the form of an interface. In this case, the developer will use the HTML, CSS and JavaScript as the front-end languages for developing the platform, PHP as the scripting language and MySQL for the storage or database of the system.

Introduction of the Study

Everything in the world now seems so easy because of the emergence of technology. Technology has become our modern enabler. It made our task very easy to accomplish. Educational Institutions also embraced the use of technology. They incorporate technology in their way of teaching to make the learning process of the students faster and easier. Nowadays, some activities are done online for the convenience of the students. Along with this, the researcher of the study entitled Online Platform for History Subject aimed to develop a system that would serve as an online platform wherein the student can access information regarding their history classes.

Online Platform for History Subject Capstone Project
Online Platform for History Subject Capstone Project

In history classes we can’t deny the fact that there are lots of concepts that are need to be studied. That’s why the researchers developed this system to help the student in their lessons in history subjects. They can use the system to search for specific topics they needed. They wouldn’t need to scan in thick history books just to find what they are searching for.

This system is very helpful both for students and history teachers. Thus, this system will be presented to the end users. The researchers will be providing questionnaire to them to be answered. Also they can note the difficulties they might encounter upon operating the system. The end users also can provide their suggestion and recommendations to the proponents to further improve the system.

Objectives of the Study

  • To provide a system that would serve as repository for lessons of history classes.
  • To let student have an easy access for their history subject.
  • To help teachers in providing lessons for history subject.
  • To provide a system that is very accessible.
  • To provide fast and accurate in relation to history.

Significance of the Study

The following individual or groups will benefit from the study:

Teachers. If this system will carry out successfully, this will help teachers lighten their loads of works. They would not worry a lot if they can’t provide hands out for their students because their students would just access the system and then they would find their lessons.

Students. This would be a great help to them especially that history classes has a lot of learning’s to do. They will have an accessible online platform for their history subject.

Proponents. If this system will be successful, this will contribute to the knowledge of the proponents.

Scope and Limitation

The capstone project entitled Online Platform for History Subject focused on how to encouraged students to study and learn history related topics using the technology specifically the internet. The said project is composed of learning materials in a form of multimedia presentation, animation and in video format to make the topics interesting and catchy. The student will be able to login to their accounts and navigate to the different parts of the platform such as the lesson modules, video modules and test modules. With this type of process, it will be very convenient on the part of the students since they can review the topics anytime they want as long as they are connected online.

However, this study is intended only for all students with history subjects. User is required to register their profile in order for the application to save and update the activities of the user.  Since it is an online platform, they need to be connected to the internet to access and navigate the project/system.

Project Plan/SDLC

The researcher of this project made use of Software Development Life Cycle consisting of six steps.

First, the researchers determine the requirements needed for the system. The researcher will decide what hardware and software will be use in the system. After the researchers determine the project requirements, it is time for them to talk to the management office to gather information and important details needed for the system. Right after gathering information the researchers will analyze the data to determine the necessary information needed for the system. Once, the researchers have the clear and detailed product requirements, it is time to design the complete system. The system design will have the understanding and detailing the complete hardware and communication setup for the product under development. Lastly, after designing the system the coding phase will start. The coding is performed based on the coding guidelines and standards. The code goes through numerous code reviews and is optimized for best performance before the final building of the system.

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