Android Based Map Guide Application Chapter 1

Android Based Map Guide Application Chapter 1



With recent technological advancement of modern science, almost individual nowadays owned mobile phones. The trend toward component miniaturization have led to the evolution of cell phones from mere telephony devices to powerful mobile computing platforms that provide the basis for a host of other applications. Today’s mobile phones are typically equipped with devices such as GPS sensors and 3G wireless radios capable streaming high bandwidth Internet content, touch-screen-based user interfaces, still and video cameras, Bluetooth transceivers and accelerometers.

Similar to a computer, a mobile operating system provides the primary execution environment for applications on the phone. Analogous to programs on a PC, apps can be downloaded and installed on mobile phones. Because of the growing general purpose computing capabilities of mobile devices, combined with their increasing popularity and adoption rate, it is expected that hand-held mobile phones will become the next PC. These technology trends have enabled innovative, exciting and compelling mobile applications to become widely available, from gaming to multimedia to social networking. Hand-in-hand with the growth of the raw computing power of mobile phones, various middleware/OS platforms have evolved that allow developers to take advantage of the computing resources to create feature-rich applications that provide compelling user interfaces and functionality.

Android Based Map Guide Application Chapter 1
Android Based Map Guide Application Chapter 1

In a current situation, we observed that “specify the place/area” has been recognized and well known because of its popular sites and important places. There are many guests visiting these places and continue increasing its population. Since, they came from different places and some are not familiar with, this map will help them find the exact location and direction of the landmarks. The idea of the project was to propose a map that is portable using android mobile device and to recognize some important landmarks in “specify the place/area”.

The importance and usefulness of location-sensing has already been well recognized and accepted, with the popularity of mobile. The form factor and portability of a mobile phone makes it ideal for such applications. Not surprisingly, most of the today’s smart-phones have location sensing capabilities built in. This apps that leverage location-based services can add real value to the user and thus provide a good return-on-investment for the mobile device.

It comes from the idea of using Google maps, but the uniqueness of the system “Android Based Map Guide Application”, can be used without using internet connection it serve as the mobile map to the mobile phone. The system only requires mobile phone with android operating system.

The main reason which leads us into an idea of developing the system is to provide a location service using android based. The motivation for this system is to have the mobile based location service to the user. The users can find their way without exerting effort to find certain places within the place


This study aims to develop an Android Based Map Guide Application is to serve the people a more effective location based facility.

Specifically, it intends to:

  1. To promote the important landmarks and different tourists spots in the proper area of “specify the place”.
  2. To determine the exact location of various places using Android Map.
  3. To develop systems that will help the visitor find the exact direction and location of places via Android phone.

Scope and Limitation

The focus of the study is to provide a location map of “specify the place/area, but the map covers only the main/proper area of the place where important landmarks are located. It contains information from each landmark; this information includes the brief background of the place, the travel time and the means of transportation.

The system to be developed is an Android based, so it is applicable for all android devices but there are also some limitations to it. It depends upon the quality and the capacity of the mobile phone that could possibly access the system as an app. The system has the admin section where he/she can add, delete, change and update the information on the map while the user can only view the map and see the data on each places.

Significance of Study

The study will be beneficial to the following:

Selected Place/Area. The implementation of Android Based Map Guide will strengthen the modernization in terms of location services.

Information Center. With the use of the system it is beneficial for them in terms of reducing time and effort in assisting the tourist/visitor about the location service of the place. Through the use of the system, it clearly gives a representation of a whole or part of an area where it is located with the information. Both the staff and tourist are using the system with their android device.

Tourist/Visitor. It will guide the visitors/tourist on their way to “specify the place/area” when they want to visit the area. They were be able to easily identify where the direction and location of the certain places, since they are visitor they will be guided with the use of the system.

Researchers. This research will be beneficial to the researchers in a way that they may able to develop their  research skills at the same time they will  be exposed to the real situation while conducting research that will developed their writing skills and confident. It will also serve as a reference to the net researcher who plans to conduct a study related to this.

Definition of Terms

In order to provide a clear understanding of the basic concept used in study, the following are the terms:

Landmarks – This represent the places on the map, (e.g.) the different tourist destination in the area.

Android OS – refers to an operating system for all android devices to access the app.

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