Online Real Estate and Property Management System in PHP and MySQL

Online Real Estate and Property Management System in PHP and MySQL


The project entitled “Online Real Estate and Property Management System” is an online information system that will manage the sales and rentals of different real estate properties and will serve as a bridge between the customer and the property seller or owner. The concept of this project is similar to buy and sell system where the two entities will register first to the system to verify and activate their accounts. The user can either be a seller or a buyer, meaning he/she can post his/her property or he/she can browse, inquire and transact for the properties posted by different owners/members of the platform.


The main objective of the Online Real Estate and Property Management System is to design and develop an online platform for buyers and sellers to communicate with each other, specifically the project aimed to:

  1. To develop a portal for buyer and seller who wants to invest in real estate.
  2. To provide accurate reports of property sales, rentals, etc.
  3. To provide a tool for faster and reliable transactions between the seller and buyer.


Property owner – the project will be a great opportunity for the property owner to published or post their real estate property online and find a reasonable buyer.

Property buyer – for the buyer part, this platform is also very helpful to look for a real estate property that may fit your wants, needs and budget as well.

Future Researchers – there are so many rooms to improve this project, so the challenge to the future researchers and developers is to enhance and improve the features of the project.

Features and System Modules

Registration Module – if you want to be a member of the platform, you must first register and fill-up the registration form and submit valid documents to verify the authenticity of your account. Your account will be reviewed and once approved you can now communicate with the other members of the site or even post your own property for sale.

User Accounts Module – the user accounts module will store the username and password of the members, moderator and administrator of the online platform

Moderator Module – this module will be handled by the moderator, he/she is responsible for activating and deactivating of the member account. The moderator is also in-charge of the approval process from posting of property up to the comment section of the members.

Chat Module – the chat module is a real time communication feature that will allow two or more members to communicate with one another.

Property Posting Module – this is the most important module for the member who wants to post/published their real estate property. The module will allow the seller to give the details of the property such as the price, location, etc. and this module will allow you to upload the images of the real estate property.

Payment Module – this module is optional, but the platform will offer a feature in which the buyer can pay through secured payment gateway such as paypal.

Brochure Module – this module is a compilation of real estate property posted by the different owners presented in a user friendly manner. The visitors of the site can browse, search and view the details of the real estate property.

Database Schema/Design

tblclient (id, firstname, lastname, address, contact, profilepicture, username, password, validdocument, status(activated, deactivated), dateofregistration)

tblpropertyposting (id, clientid, propertyname, propertydetail, location, price, type(for sale, for rent), dateposted, status(approved, disapproved))

tbluser (id, username, password, fullname, usertype(moderator, admin))


The Online Real Estate and Property Management System can provide an effective way of perfect marketing and promotional tool. The application could minimize and lessen the inconsistent data and erroneous documents.

Development Tools

Development from scratch: PHP, MySQL/MariaDB, Bootstrap

Using CMS (WordPress): real estate property plugin

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