Services Booking and Appointment System Free Source code in Bootstrap

Services Booking and Appointment System Free Source code in Bootstrap


The number of consumers scheduling services and setting appointments has risen considerably. Researchers and developers use today’s technical breakthroughs to improve and optimize appointment scheduling and booking services. Many of the daily duties we perform have been streamlined by technology-based and systematized tools or procedures, making our lives easier. This project is an internet application for managing a business’s bookings/appointments. Customers can make appointments on the website, and customers can manage those appointments from an admin panel; therefore, this is the solution they need to automate and arrange their transactions.

The project fills a gap created by the previous system regarding business booking and appointments management. The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) method will develop the system. The researchers will gather a sample size of participating students, teachers, and other end users in order to test and assess the system. IT experts will assess the system in order to make changes. The researchers will make improvements to the system based on the advice of experts.

Introduction of the Study

The number of consumers scheduling services and setting appointments has risen considerably in recent years. Researchers and developers take advantage of today’s technological advancements to improve and optimize appointment scheduling and booking services. Many of the tasks we conduct daily have been streamlined by technology-based and systematized tools or procedures, making our lives easier. People used to manually schedule services and set appointments, which resulted in overbooking, forgetting to cancel, and failing to write down the booking and appointment. This system was created to address the issues caused by manual assistance. To make booking and scheduling appointments much more effortless.

The project Services Booking and Appointment System is an online system for managing bookings and appointments. Using this solution, the scheduling procedure will be made more accessible and more efficient. Reservations, appointments, and bookings are all managed through this online system. This system’s sole objective is to provide an effective platform for booking and scheduling appointments.

Proposed Solution

The project Services Booking and Appointment System is being developed to provide a better solution to all existing challenges caused by the old technique of booking services and arranging appointments. In this project, all concerns that could be deemed an attack were evaluated so that the system could be turned into more advanced tools for resolving some lapses in booking and appointment services. This system introduces new operating and processes, removing the inconvenient, inefficient, and bothersome aspects. This system will be controlled online, making it simple for the end-user to do so, and accessibility is the most important factor. It allows end-users to book reservations and appointments online securely and easily, making the process simple.

Objectives of the study

General Objective– the system aims to provide an online application that can manage the bookings/appointments for a business.

Specifically, this project sought to achieve:

  1. Specifically, the system aims to create a time-saving, convenient, and efficient system.
  2. The project’s goal is to create a system that both employees and customers can experience and use.
  3. This system also aims to streamline the needs of the business in this field of booking and appointment services.
  4. The project aims to transform the manual method of making an appointment and booking into a highly convenient, simple, and user-friendly system.
  5. To respond to the aforementioned problems regarding booking and appointment services.

Scope of the Study

The project is primarily focused on the creation of a system for booking and appointment services. The system is specifically designed for salon businesses where clients may schedule appointments on the website and manage those appointments through an admin panel. This is the system required to automate and arrange transactions. Because the salon industry is such an active type of business, creating this web-based system for booking and appointment services is beneficial. This system is ideal for having in a salon business since it allows them to have an organized, simple, and hassle-free reservation process. This will keep their business running smoothly and efficiently.

Significance of the Study

These people or groups have a role in the project’s success:

Customers/End-users. Customers benefit from the system is by having access to it, which allows them to see the availability of bookings and reservations in real-time. Then, if there is a doubt, they can easily cancel the appointments because the request cancellation may be sent immediately to the admin. In this way, the reservation’s guarantee is preserved, and the consumer may keep track of their current reservation.

Owner/Staff. The growth of the systems is planned and beneficial to them. As someone who works in a business where appointment and booking transactions are critical, having a system that automates the task is essential to them. This is where the system is created; their business will run smoothly through it. They will be able to manage their booking services efficiently without the hassle of writing them down in a notebook; instead, it was generated online to keep track of the records in real-time.

Administrator. Surely, the administration will be pleased that the company will implement such a system because their duty will be completed precisely. They will have access to all pertinent information on the booking and appointment services. It is incredibly advantageous to them because all of the data has already been recorded in the system; all they have to do now is encode and conduct transactions with the customers while keeping track of the appropriate information.

Researchers. Having done the study, they will be better able to understand and appreciate the project.

Future Researcher. The study will provide them with information and serve as a guide for their future project research.

Development Tools

The capstone project, “Services Booking and Appointment System,” is intended to automate and streamline the process of booking an appointment for services. This project will aid the need for an efficient and convenient platform that will allow clients to book and appoint services they desire.

Forms that should be included in a Services Booking and Appointment System will be discussed in this section. In order to create the aforementioned template, PHP and Bootstrap were employed.

Upon request, the project’s documentation can be obtained (chapters 1 to 5). Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the project.

Project Highlights

The Services Booking and Appointment System is a database-driven system that will automate the process of booking and appointment of services. It will make booking an appointment easy, fast, efficient, and convenient.

The following are the advantages of the Services Booking and Appointment System:

  1. Automated business process – the system will make it easier for service providers and clients to manage and create service bookings and appointments.
  2. Records Management – it is a database system that makes water bill records electronic, safe, accurate, reliable, and fast.
  3. Report Generation – the system automatically generates and provides reports of the bookings and appointments.

How the System Works

This section of the paper will discuss the forms, modules, and user interface of the system. The researchers will explain the features and functions of the system.

Services Category – this module will allow the system administrator to manage service categories in the system. The admin will add, edit or delete service categories encoded in the system.

The following will be encoded in the module:

  • Service Category Name
  • Status – (available or not available)

Shown below is the image of the Services Category module layout.

Services Booking and Appointment System Booking Category Encoding
Services Booking and Appointment System Booking Category Encoding

Booking Categories Table – This module display the details of various service bookings made by clients based on the service category.

The following pieces of information are reflected in the bookings:

  • Client Name
  • Service Name
  • Date
  • Time
  • Remarks
  • Total Amount
  • Status

The image displayed below is the Booking Categories Table page design.

Services Booking and Appointment System Booking Category
Services Booking and Appointment System Booking Category

Client Dashboard – this dashboard serves as the main page of the registered clients in the system. The client can access major records of the system in their dashboard.

The dashboard mainly displays the following information:

  • Number of Bookings
  • Amount to Pay

The image displayed below is the design of the Client’s Dashboard.

Services Booking and Appointment System Client Dashboard
Services Booking and Appointment System Client Dashboard

Visit the link for more information about the project and download the template in PHP and Bootstrap.

Free Download Source code


The services booking and Appointment System is quite challenging for the researchers but is considered to be a significant project because of its huge contribution to the business and people involved in it. It sighted that the project is the answer to the problem regarding providing a better service platform for the customers and to the admin or staff. The proposed system uses other systems to overcome the previous challenges of the given problem and to provide higher accuracy and efficiency. To make the system works, the end-users must undergo training for a better experience and also the staff as well.

Salon businesses must pay attention to this system because they are frequently busy. If they stick to the manual approach, they will no longer produce a better job because they will be distracted by other tasks. Given all of the pertinent information regarding the project, it was determined that it is helpful and can help a specific firm enhance productivity, sales, and customer satisfaction. It also finds that the initiative will make the lives of employees and others associated with the firm easier because they will complete their tasks more efficiently and accurately.


Due to the apparent advantages, benefits, and importance of the study, the researcher must work rapidly to complete it. The researcher is strongly suggested building the project for the use of the rendered end users. The project must also be user-friendly, efficient, accurate, and beneficial. The researchers are motivated by the project’s findings to push its deployment to its limits. Because of the old-fashioned approach in which many businesses make appointments and bookings, the researchers must have concluded that developing a Services Booking and Appointment System was necessary. To stay up with the rapid advancement of technology, we must look for ways to make certain procedures faster, more error-free, and more user-friendly.

The following are the specific recommendations of the researchers:

  1. Every salon business should employ the system as a new and improved approach for making appointments and reserving bookings. This is according to the researchers in this study.
  2. End users should consider implementing and utilizing the project to benefit from more convenient and efficient booking and appointment services.
  3. According to researchers, we should stop settling for less and instead pursue a business-friendly system. That is, these systems must be appropriately implemented and maintained.
Services Booking and Appointment System Free Source code in Bootstrap
Services Booking and Appointment System Free Source code in Bootstrap

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