Travel Destination and Events Portal Capstone Project

Travel Destination and Events Portal Capstone Project

Introduction of the Study

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The capstone project entitled, “Travel Destination and Events Portal” will allow travel agency to offer their travel and event packages electronically and also allow users to search for travel and events packages depending on their interest. The system will have two sides, the admin and the users side.

Travel Destination and Events Portal Capstone Project
Travel Destination and Events Portal Capstone Project

Conventionally, travel agencies offer their services manually and letting their clients visit their offices to inquire offers which is ineffective in reaching a wider range of clients. Travellers also had difficulties in looking for travel and events packages that is worth and will satisfy their travel experience due to lack of sources of information. Competition in travel industries as of today has become tough which urges travel agencies to step up their services for the convenience of the customers as well as for the growth of the business.

Proposed Solution

The researchers of the study aim to develop Travel Destination and Events Portal to transform the way how travel agencies offer their services. The project aims to provide a platform for transaction between travel agencies and the clients who are in search of tours and event related information. The system will enable travel agencies to manage and provide satisfying travel and event packages. Users will simply register with this system, which will make it easier for them to search for location-based and package-based travel and events. For both parties, the device can make the transaction hassle-free, convenient, faster, and easier.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective – the main objective of the project is to develop Travel and Events portal that will make a change in the field of searching travels and events packages in to more advance system that doesn’t requires much effort and time.

The following are the specific objectives of the study:

  1. To identify the structure/characteristics of an online travel destination and events portal system for end-users or beneficiaries.
  2. This is to provide a hassle-free travel and events inquiring system.
  3. To provide fast, accurate and efficient way of displaying and searching travel and tour packages.
  4. Develop or create system that would let the management easily monitor registered users who inquire for travel and event packages.
  5. To create a system that is very accessible by the users anytime.
  6. Provide accurate and up-to-date information to the users.

Significance of the System

The success of the project is deemed beneficial to the following individuals or group:

Travel Agencies/Admin. Travel agency’s admin will be able to easily analyze and organized all the information related to their business. This will lead to a more improved business process.

Customers/Users. Using the system the customer will easily have a transaction with the personnel for inquiring travel and events packages.

Researchers. If this project succeeds, the proponents will be benefited. They will know thoroughly how the system operates accurately and will contribute to their knowledge as programmers. It is also an opportunity for them to practice and implement their IT skills in an actual scenario.

Future Researchers. The project will serve as their reference in making their own version of Travel and Evens Portal.

Development tools of the project

The proposed capstone project will be designed and developed primarily in PHP, MySQL/MariaDB and Bootstrap. PHP and Javascript will be used for the functionalities of the system. MySQL or MariaDB will serve as the storage of system records. Bootstrap is for the design or user interface of the project, it is also used for development of responsive and mobile friendly web application. Visual Studio Code will be used as the editor wherein the developers or programmers can write, edit and debug their source code.

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