Bantay Baha Alert System with SMS and Push Notification

Bantay Baha Alert System with SMS and Push Notification

Introduction of the Study

The capstone project, titled “Bantay Baha Alert System” is a web and mobile-based system that provides users an access to information about real-time flood conditions, flood forecasts and flood-related data. The system will also send SMS and push notifications to the users informing them about the flood’s status.

Bantay Baha Alert System with SMS and Push Notification
Bantay Baha Alert System with SMS and Push Notification

Flooding can be devastating if the community is unprepared. In the conventional way, the local authority deliver information to the community via word-of-mouth, television news, radio broadcasts, and other media in which information does not spread easily and reaches the public for warnings. What the people need is an accessible platform wherein they can get updates anytime during the disaster to avoid losses.

Proposed Solution (Bantay Baha Alert System)

To resolve the above mentioned concerns, the researchers of the study proposed a web and mobile-based platform wherein information about the flood’s condition is highly accessible and available. The users will stay updated in the event of floods since the system will send them SMS and Push notifications. This form of notification is extremely useful and dependable, particularly when the user is not browsing the system but still receive updates. The system will serve as a warning system during flood occurrence.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective –the project’s main goal is design and develop a system that will keep users updated about flood conditions as well as give warnings through SMS and push notifications.

Specific Objectives

The following are the specific objectives of the project:

  1. To design a system that will serve as a flood alert system to the public.
  2. The system will automatically send an SMS and push notification to the people in case of high risk flood.
  3. The system is efficient and reliable to use in monitoring flood conditions.
  4. To design a system that will help as a preventive measure in facing floods.
  5. The system is easy and convenient to use.
  6. To develop a system that is easy to operate and should be completed within a short period of time and must fit with the budget of the end-user.
  7. To evaluate the developed system using ISO/IEC 9126 with the following quality characteristics
    1. Functionality
    2. Reliability
    3. Usability
    4. Efficiency
    5. Maintainability
    6. Portability

Significance of the Study

The following individuals or group will benefit from the success of the project:

The People/Users. The system will serve as their source of updates during floods. Through the updates, they will be prepared for the possible circumstance that is going to happen.

CDRRMO. Output of the system will help them in preventing serious damages brought by floods. The system will help them inform the public and take preventive measures.

Researchers. Capstone project is a subject wherein the researchers can apply their skills, ideas and knowledge to a real world scenario or problem. The system will contribute to their knowledge and skills as programmers and developers.

Future Researchers. The study will help them in designing their own version of flooding alert system. Completed documents of this capstone project will serve as their related literature and the output of the system will serve as their prototype for further development.

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