Curfew and Travel Pass Information System Capstone Project

Curfew and Travel Pass Information System Capstone Project

The capstone project entitled “Curfew and Travel Pass Information System” is a responsive web application. It was designed and developed in PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap.

Curfew and Travel Pass Information System Capstone Project
Curfew and Travel Pass Information System Capstone Project


Curfew and Travel Pass Information System is a project intended for managing curfew and travel pass requirements. Through this project, securing travel passes is a lot easier and can be done in a hassle-free manner. The information system will store the information of those who inquire for curfew and travel pass documents.

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At this time of pandemic, curfew and travel pass have become parts of our travels. We cannot easily go from place to place without securing these documents. In the manual process, it is very time consuming and very hassle to secure curfew and travel pass requirements. You will need to go to various places such as health and police offices to complete the requirement and secure a pass. At our situation right now, having this kind of system would add up to the risk of us getting infected by the virus because we do secure our passes physically.

To avoid the risks that are stated above, this project aims to provide a system which will handle all of the queries to secure curfew and travel permits. This will improve the manual system in inquiring passes if we were about to travel. This project will integrate technology to do transactions instead of doing it physically. The user of the system will feed information needed to the system in order for them to process the passes. Checking of the passes will be done via information system.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective – the main target of the capstone project is to provide an online platform that allows the residents to process a travel and curfew pass or clearance.

Specific Objectives are the following:

  1. The capstone project will develop the following modules or features of the system:
  • Able store information of the travellers or residents who have secured curfew and travel passes.
  • Develop a module that will allow the travellers or residents to inquire and process curfew and travel pass online.
  • Design a system that promotes paperless transaction or electronics records for curfew and travel pass
  • Develop a system that is easy to use and accessible through the use of computer, laptop and mobile devices that is connected to the internet.
  • Provide an information system that will provide convenience to the users in processing the requirements for curfew and travel passes.
  1. The system will be evaluated by the IT experts using a predefined set of criteria that can determine the overall performance of the project.
  2. End-users will also test the functionality of the system to determine if the requirements were met.

Significance of the Study

Government and Health Sectors. Since the the government and health sectors plays a part in completing requirements for the curfew and travel passes. The system will benefit them for it will also be easier for them to transact with the commuters and travellers for the completion of the passes.

Commuters or Travellers. The system will highly benefit them because they will have a platform that will brought convenience to them in processing their curfew and travel passes.

Researchers. This project is very timely and beneficial to the end-users and this is also the proper time to introduce an IT based solution that could help in our fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Future Researchers. The next batch of researchers may continue to improve the features of the project and the output of will serve as their guide and basis in the upgrading of the capstone project entitled Curfew and Travel Pass Information System.

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