IT Capstone and Thesis Project March 2020 Compilation

IT Capstone and Thesis Project March 2020 Compilation

The lists below are the capstone project ideas compiled by for the month of March 2020. The compilation consists of capstone proposals, completed project, database design, user interfaces and system modules that might help you in doing your capstone and thesis project.

  1. Cemetery Mapping Information System

The main goal of this study is to help end user to locate the grave of their deceased relatives without having physical map.

The capstone project also includes the following:

  • Introduction of the study
  • Objectives of the study
  • Significance of the study
  • Software Development Plan of the study
IT Capstone and Thesis Project March 2020 Compilation
IT Capstone and Thesis Project March 2020 Compilation
  1. Employee Leave Management System

The system will be very helpful for sides, the admin and the users. The employees which are the users of the system can view their leave balances and check their co-workers day offs while they are planning for their leaves. The admin or the management also will have an access to all the employees leave balance, list of holidays, schedules of departments and workforce coverage to evaluate leave request better.

  1. Exam Paper Repository Management System

The proposed system will eliminate the manual process of keeping the exam papers. The manual system is prone on encountering errors and problems like misplacing the exam papers. The proposed system will serve as the centralized location for the exam papers.

  1. Healthcare Management System with Mobile Application

The goal of this system is to provide a platform that could manage and monitor your health conditions. This system, will help monitor their health daily, with this, most people will surely feel healthy.

  1. Online Platform for Electricity Billing and Payment System

Objectives of the Study

  • To let the user pay bills anytime and anywhere without jumping deadlines.
  • To let administrators or management to have a system that will help them in bill payment transactions.
  • To provide a fast, accurate and reliable system.
  • To let user utilize a system for their fast and safe payment.
  • To provide a system that is very accessible by the users.
  1. Point of Sale System Database Design

This article will list down the tables needed to develop a Point of Sale System.

  1. Billing System Database Design

This article will serve as a guide in the development of your database schema or model about a simple billing system.

  1. Real Estate System User Interface in Bootstrap

The project entitled Real Estate System is an online platform that allows the owners and real estate agents to post, advertise and sell their properties. This article will help you to build your own real estate system in terms of user interfaces or form designs.

  1. Short Message Service Controlled Sockets

How to operate the Short Message Service Controlled Sockets

Please follow the steps on how to operate the said project.

  1. Plug the device in the AC outlet.
  2. Click the red switch to power-on the device.
  3. Plug the appliances/devices you want to automate by SMS in the designated socket of the device.
  4. Send correct SMS command to the device SIM number.
  5. Then wait, when the device receives the command it will perform the command and send confirmation message to the remote mobile.

  1. Arduino Based Speed Limit Detector Review of Related Literature

This article presents the different completed researches that are closely related to our project entitled Arduino Based Speed Limit Detector.

  1. Event Planner with SMS and Social Media Integration

Objectives of the Study

  1. To provide a system that provides real-time updates related to the event.
  2. Communication between the attendees, staff and the management will be fast and accurate.
  3. To provide a system that will serve as a platform wherein all activities involving event planning will be automated.
  4. To provide a fast, accurate and reliable system for the user and the management.
  5. To provide a system that will bring convenience for the users.

  1. Mobile Based Grocery Maker and Checklist Application

The system is consist of feature which can help people doing their grocery regimes, first thing is, this application will have its grocery shopping list reminder so that people can create of their needs and to keep users be reminded when they are run out of grocery.

  1. Online-Internet Banking Application Capstone Project

With this system, you can make loans online, transact deposits and facilitates transaction between customers and the admin, and also provides payments services.

  1. Tour Agency Information Management System

In this proposed system, customers can easily search for tour packages and bookings unlike the manual system wherein the customers need to reach for tour agencies to find details that requires a lot of time and effort. The proposed system will brought convenience for both the management and the clients.

  1. Student Counseling Management System Capstone Project

For this system is composed of information about the student’s academic progress and emotional issues, it would make them aware on their children even if they not in schools staying with their child.

  1. Elearning System User Interface in PHP and Bootstrap

This article is all about the different forms, module and features of an elearning system. It is specifically intended to help you design in terms of user interface for your own elearning system in PHP and Bootstrap.

  1. Asset Management System User Interface in Bootstrap and PHP

This article will help you on the front-end side, specifically on the different form layouts and design.

  1. Barcode Based Class Attendance Monitoring Capstone Project

To be able to integrate the system in educational institutions, the students will be provided with a card containing a unique barcode. Each barcode represents the unique ID number of the students. The students will just scan their cards containing the barcode and the system will automatically record the attendance of the student.

  1. Mobile Application for Library Resource Materials

One of the goals of this study is to lessen physical labour for the librarians and other library staffs and reduce also human errors. Another objective is to implement a mobile application based system that the libraries that use to overcome challenges just like in processing and giving services. Additionally, to fill in the missing gap that the current system lacks to provide. Last is to provide a platform that would go back the interest of students to visit and study in the library.

  1. Workflow Management System Capstone Project

Through these system users works/job will be done on time, and in line with this they will also become effective and efficient workers.

  1. Online Records Management and Appointment System for Cosmetic and Aesthetics Center

The project entitled Online Records Management and Appointment System requires the development tools such as XAMMP, PHP, HTML, MYSQL, and JavaScript.

  1. Lot Reservation System with Mobile App Support

With this system, users can easily find and reserve lot every time. They retrieve data or information that will be store in the application, they will provide enough information for them to know and then if they would to have reservation or transaction they can easily make it, without any hassles. Additionally, admins will also be operating the system and will provide information for the users.

  1. File Management System User Interface in Bootstrap and PHP

This is very useful in the management and organizing the files, requirements and deliverables of the teachers and instructors.

  1. Fire and Smoke Detection System with SMS Notification

The system will be very beneficial; this would really help in case of emergencies. The users would be immediately alert if there are fire occurrences in their houses or even in industries, companies, malls etc. They would worry less for they will immediately know and take immediate action on it.

  1. Geographic Information System for Flood Prone Location

Objectives of the Study

  • To provide a system that will serve as the monitoring system of flood prone areas. To provide a system that would relay up to date information about geographic areas.
  • To let administrators have a system that will help them store information about geographic location.
  • To provide and up-to-date information about the flood prone areas.
  • To provide a system that is very accessible to the users.
  1. Related Literature on NPK Soil Content Archiving Application

The target of this project is to be able to design and develop a mobile application of recording and archiving of NPK soil content and with the information gathered from the above mentioned studies it will really help the researchers to aim their targets and objectives.

  1. Web Based Application for Health Monitoring Review of Related Literature

This article presents the related literature, related studies prior art and synthesis after the thorough and in-depth search done by the researchers.

  1. Visitor Log Monitoring System User Interface in Bootstrap and PHP

 The following modules presented in this article are some of the forms used in the said system, the developers/researchers used Bootstrap for the user interface then converted it into PHP files.

  1. Crime Reporting System User Interface in Bootstrap and PHP

This article will enumerate the list of modules used in the project, but the focus of this article is to provide you an idea and guide on the different forms and interfaces that are included in the development of a crime reporting system.

  1. Online Teacher Evaluation System using PHP

The purpose of the study is to improve, develop, and implement the proposed system that will help the organization in developing Online Teacher Evaluation System.  It presents a new aspect of developing the study including on the different services.  Through using Tablets to survey, it can make the school effective and efficient in terms of technology.

  1. COVID-19 Online Platform for Complaints and Communication System

Objectives of the Study

  1. To make a platform that could address all the complaints or thought of people regarding on CoVid-19
  2. To make people inform/update all the time about the CoVID19 issue.
  3. To create a system that could still connect people from the outside or to have communications since everyone has been restricted to go out.
  4. To provide a secure, legit information for the awareness of the users.
  5. To create a platform that could make people reunite in giving not just complaints but also suggestions that could help others from infected.
  6. To make even a simple actions/deeds that could help lessen the burden of government and frontliners/medical workers.


  1. Car Rental System User Interface in Bootstrap and PHP

The project entitled car rental system is a platform that showcases cars available for rent. It is an information system that enables the car owners to post and published the information of their cars for rent and for the customers to browse available cars they want to rent that will serve to their needs.

  1. Barcode Based Document Control and Management System

The proposed system will made a difference from the manual system of document control and management. The manual system is very prone on human errors that would be eliminated when we utilized this proposed system.

  1. Online Food Catering Services Management System with Payment Gateway

The project entitled Online Food Catering Services Management System with Payment Gateway aimed to fully automate the process of catering services in an online setting which will be used by catering business to promote their services and to provide their customers an easy way to transact from the inquiry process down to ordering and up to the payment system since the project also incorporates a payment gateway.

  1. Car Registration License Plate Detection and Recognition System

This system is used in detecting stolen and searched vehicles. The plates that are detected by the system will be compared to the recorded vehicles. Also, the system will be very helpful in managing parking space. They can use the system as the basis of the entrance and exits of different vehicles in parking lots. Thus, this system is very helpful in many aspects.

  1. Capstone Project on Course Management System for Agriculture

The research project entitled Course Management System for Agriculture Subject aimed to provide a technology platform that could help teachers and students to have a better teaching, learning and training in agriculture subject.

  1. Job Portal System Form Design and System Features

The job portal system is web-based system for users that will eliminate or reduce the manual processing in terms of job searching and to utilize the online marketing and advertisement which is convenient and easy to deploy.

  1. Online Platform for History Subject Capstone Project

This system is very helpful both for students and history teachers. Thus, this system will be presented to the end users.

  1. Review of Related Literature on Rice Field Bird Detector using Arduino

The related literature and studies provided great bases on the development of our own version of bird detector that will be used in the rice field.

  1. Touch Screen Based Coin Operated Water Dispenser

Objectives of the study

  • To design and develop an Arduino based touch screen operated water dispenser.
  • To create a feature that will count the number of coins inserted and send a report to the owner of the water dispenser.
  • The system will be the new platform that could provide not just one but lot of option to the users’ even it is just machine for water.
  • To make a new, modernize and efficient water dispenser.
  1. Work Order Monitoring System Capstone Project

This system will monitor all of the works orderly in order to have a smooth, error free and pleasant work flow. Doing works manually causes people a lot of burden and take a lot effort in order to be done at exact time.

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