Coin Operated Loading Machine Kiosk Capstone Project

Coin Operated Loading Machine Kiosk Capstone Project


Coin Operated Loading Machine Kiosk is a capstone project which serves as a platform for availing load anytime in a most convenient manner. The Loading Machine Kiosk is design to be unmanned and be operational 24/7. The system will provide fast and efficient loading transactions.

Coin Operated Loading Machine Kiosk Capstone Project
Coin Operated Loading Machine Kiosk Capstone Project

Most people nowadays are reliant to loads to be able to communicate using their gadgets. In the conventional way, we avail loads from load retailers in our neighborhood or from establishments. This kind of system is inefficient for the reason that it is not available 24/7. There are times were your load will be expired during times were there is no available loading center nearby to replenished and extend your load. Reloading anytime is not a choice in the typical loading transaction.

Proposed Solution

The proposed solution for the above mentioned problem is to develop a loading system that is unmanned and is available 24/7. The machine is coin operated and is efficient and secure to use as a choice for loading. The kiosk is easy to use and will provide guide for the users on how to successfully complete a transaction.

Output of the proposed capstone project will be distributed and stationed in the strategic location and places. Most probably the project will be deployed in the terminal of buses and public utility vehicle or PUV. It is very important to determine the location where the project will be installed so that it could serve its purpose and objectives.

Owner of the Coin Operated Loading Machine Kiosk will be notified via SMS or short messaging service or commonly known as text message. Notification is a message that prompts the owner if the load credit is low which needs to be replenished.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective – the main goal of this capstone project is to design and develop a loading machine that is coin operated and available 24/7.

The following are the specific objectives:

  1. To provide a system for loading transaction that is fast and efficient.
  2. Develop a system that is coin operated.
  3. Output of the capstone project is a system that will be available 24/7.
  4. To provide a system that will serve as platform for loading.

Significance of the Study

End-Users and the general public. The end users of this coin operated kiosk will be highly benefited. They would not worry if they would run out of load because they can rely on the machine to replenish and extend their loads.

Researchers. The success of this system will contribute to their knowledge in the field of computer programming, electronics and in research as well. It is also an opportunity for the researchers to establish a small business which requires less maintenance and high profit.

Future Researchers. The future researchers can use this study as a reference or basis if they wish to pursue the same study. Current design is far from perfect and this is where the future researchers will need to focus. Upgrading also the electronic components is one of the subjects for enhancement.

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