Android Based Civil Service Reviewer App Capstone Project

Android Based Civil Service Reviewer App Capstone Project


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The “Android Based Civil Service Reviewer App” is an android-based app that will assist those who need a reviewer for the civil service exam. The application will help examinee in learning various subjects that are possibly covered in the examination.

Civil Service examination is given a lot of weight because those who pass it would be able to work for the government. The Civil Service exam will assess the examinee’s reading comprehension, problem-solving abilities and other important skills. Most of the time, test takers will encounter difficulties in grasping reviewers for the exam. They mostly rely on hard copy reviewers which is not accessible and available all the time. This form of reviewer is also inconvenient, particularly for those who have works or students who are still studying that wish to take and pass the exam.

Android Based Civil Service Reviewer App Capstone Project
Android Based Civil Service Reviewer App Capstone Project

Proposed Solution

The proposed solution for the aforementioned difficulties in grasping reviewers for Civil Service Exam is an android-based application reviewer. The test takers would only need their android phones, download the application and they would automatically have an access to the reviewer. The application contains questions that are presented in an examination manner that will help examinee to pass both professional and sub-professional Civil Service Exam. This software will help test takers to review with questions that are likely encountered in the actual civil service exam.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective – the main objective of this project is to design and develop an android-based application that will serve as a reviewer for those who wish to take the Civil Service Examination.

Specifically, the objectives of this study are the following:

  1. To design and develop an application that contains questions that are likely covered in the Civil Service examination.
  2. The application will serve as a portable reviewer for the test takers.
  3. The android-based application will be convenient for those who prepare for the exam.
  4. To design a reviewer that is very accessible and available all the time.

Significance of the Study

The success of this study is beneficial for the following:

Civil Service Examinee. The application will help them have an efficient and convenient way in reviewing for the Civil Service Examination. The application will train them in answering questions that are possibly covered in the exam.

Researchers. The success of this study will help them gain more knowledge and skills in developing computer programs. Specifically, the researchers would be able to use their skills in mobile application development.

Future Researchers. They can use this study as a basis to design their own version of the application or if they wish to add additional features for the application.

Development Tools of the project

The project is a mobile based application intended for Android devices only. This is the scope and limitation of the said project. Moreover, it will be designed to work in an offline setting.

Below are the possible tools in the development of android based reviewer:

  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Xamarin (C#)

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