Android Based Fitness and Exercise App Capstone Project

Android Based Fitness and Exercise App Capstone Project


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The capstone project entitled “Android Based Fitness and Exercise App” is an android-based application that allows users to follow basic exercise and fitness routines recorded in the app with little or no supervisions at all from the gym instructor.

According to studies, a simple exercise like walking on a regular basis can improve our brain’s performance, concentration, focus, and cognitive function. This proves that exercises and fitness routines are an important activity that help an individual’s attain good health. The traditional method of getting exercise and wellness services is to go to a gym and work out with a gym instructor, but this is not easy or accessible to anyone who wants to exercise. People nowadays need technology-assisted workout programs that they can access at any time and from any place.

Android Based Fitness and Exercise App Capstone Project
Android Based Fitness and Exercise App Capstone Project

Proposed Solution

To address the aforementioned issue, the researcher proposed an Android-based Fitness and Exercise application that can be used by anyone who wants to exercise at any time and from any location. The proposed application is an informative app that have a feature such as predefined list of categories to select such as full body exercise, core strength, lower body exercise and much more, tips and trivia on fitness and workout with audio instructions and progress cues.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective- the main goal of this project is to design and develop an android-based application that will allow users to follow fitness and exercise routines.

The specific objectives of this project are the following:

  1. The application will let users to select exercise and fitness programs they wish to follow.
  2. To design and develop an application that is embedded with audio instructions for the users to easily follow the exercise routines.
  3. Output of the capstone project is accessible and convenient to use for different users.
  4. The application will have a simple interface for everyone to use it.
  5. Output of the system will be tested by the IT experts and end-users.

Significance of the Study

This project is beneficial for the following individuals or group:

Gym Instructor. This project’s outcome can be used by gym instructors as additional learning materials for their clients.

Gym Clients/Other persons. This would be useful for gym customers and anyone else who wants to learn health and workout routines using only their Android phones.

Researchers. This will help them gain more knowledge and skills about programming.

Future Researchers. This will also provide additional knowledge to the future researchers who want to upgrade or improve the said project.

Development Tools of the project

The proposed project is a web and android based platform.

  • Android application would be developed in Kotlin or Java.
  • Web Application will store the records where the android app can download and update the information.

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