Online Summer Job Inquiry System with SMS Notification

Online Summer Job Inquiry System with SMS Notification


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The capstone project entitled “Online Summer Job Inquiry System with SMS Notification” is intended to be used by students and employers for summer job inquiry transactions. The system will help the students to inquire for summer job opportunities as well as for employers to attend to inquiries. The system will have an SMS notification to notify students about the status of their summer job inquiry.

Summer job allow students to develop a strong resume and professional network while still saving money. In other words, summer job will help students advance in their career and gain professional skills. In the conventional way, students personally look for available summer jobs where they can apply. Employers also in the manual method do not have an efficient platform wherein they can broadcast available positions which are open for summer job seekers. These methods are inconvenient and consume too much time and effort for both parties.

Online Summer Job Inquiry System with SMS Notification
Online Summer Job Inquiry System with SMS Notification

Proposed Solution

The proposed solution for the aforementioned problems is to design and develop a program which will automate summer job inquiries. The system can be used by both, the summer job seekers and the employers. The summer job seekers will register to the system with their mobile numbers to be able to inquire for summer job. The registered number will be use to notify the user about the status of the inquiry by sending an SMS. The employers on the other hand can use the system in advertising their vacancies at the same time manage and responds to different inquiries. The proposed system will eliminate the manual method and will bring convenience for both parties.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective – the main objective of this project is to design and develop a system that will serve as platform for summer job inquiries with SMS notification.

Specific Objectives

Specifically, this project aims to:

  1. Design and provide a platform in which students and employers transact for summer job inquiries.
  2. To let job seekers easily search for summer job opportunities.
  3. The system will automatically update the job seeker about the status of the inquiry.
  4. Output of the capstone project will bring convenience for both the summer job seekers and the employers.
  5. Test and Evaluate the output of the system using the following:
    1. Overall functionalities will be tested by the IT experts.
    2. System features should match to the user requirements and this phase will be tested and evaluated by the end-users.

Significance of the Study

The success of this project is beneficial for the following individuals or group:

Students/ Job Seekers. This will provide them a platform that would let them browse for summer job vacancies quickly. They can use the system to inquire for it and also receive an update via SMS.

Employer. If this study will succeed, employers will be highly benefited because it will make their work a lot easier. They can update and post for summer job vacancy details. Employers can search through different inquiries.

Researchers. The success of this project will help them gain more knowledge in programming and develop more programs that will help people.

Future Researchers. If the project will succeed, they can use it as a basis for their own pursuit of the study.

Development Tools of the project

The project is a web based system that will be designed and developed in the following tools:

  • PHP and Javascript – scripting languages that will be used for the system’s functionalities.
  • MySQL/MariaDB – database or storage of the project. It is in a form of tables with columns or fields and those columns are connected among each other.
  • Bootstrap – this is the tool used to design the interface of the system.
  • iTexMo SMS API – it is a 3rd party tool that will be used for the SMS or short messaging service.

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