Bike Rental System with GPS Capstone Project

Bike Rental System with GPS Capstone Project

Project Context

The use of technology in our modern world, changed people daily activities, and lot more. Technology can refer to material objects of use to humanity such as computers and system’s software and such technologies are become widely used by most institutions today to give systematized services to its clientele. Its gives more convenience to the user and contributes a lot for the speed and accuracy of every transaction; reduces time and effort. Computers are used as storage and management of data; they can serve as huge knowledge bases and can be harnessed for all sorts of transactions due to their processing power and storage capacities. As computers are a daily utility, they have gained immense importance in day-to-day life.

Bike Rental System with GPS Capstone Project
Bike Rental System with GPS Capstone Project

Online Bike Rental Application with GPS is an online platform that caters transactions and processing of bike rental. This system provides an easy way of record information and capabilities of managing collection of data and information. It also provides a database environment for the proper management of data. In addition, it can provide the location of bike rented through the GPS or global positioning system installed on the mobile device of each customer.

Purpose and Description

In terms of recording information the organization is still using a manual system. The officer-in-charge had a difficulty in looking, searching and processing of bike rental files or records. Some crucial issues like security, data loss, data storage, archiving of records, and other transactions are the biggest problems in using a manual system.

We come up with a solution by proposing a system that will keep the record of the bike rental, to manage all data and transactions related to bike rental. System that enables the organization to organize the records in an electronic manner, reports generation in real-time and properly monitoring the bike rented through GPS. The system would enable them to analyze and understand trends to make better business decisions.

The Bike Rental Application will allow the customers to register their profile online that will be subjected for the approval by the administrator. Once their account was approved, they can now search and look for available bike to be rented. The platform has the back entry portion where the organization can add and manage bike information with images that will be visible on the front-end part of the web application. Rental transactions and reports generation are also part of the core features of the proposed system.

With Database System, it will help to organize the management of records of the monitoring of the bike rented; input information and releasing of hard and soft copies of the reports. With this, it could help the user to do the task accurately with fast and better processing.

Objectives of the Study

The general objective of this study is to design and develop an Online Bike Rental Application that will replace or serve as an alternative in the processing and record keeping of bike rental related transactions.

Specifically it aims:

  1. To design an Online Bike Rental Application with the following features:
  2. Module for the encoding and managing of bike information.
  3. Module for customer registration and profiling.
  4. Module for booking and rental processing requested by the customers.
  5. Module for monitoring the whereabouts through GPS and status of bike rented by the customers.
  6. Module that will allow the customers to view the available bikes for rental.
  7. Module that will allow the organization to back-up their records.
  8. To construct the proposed system as design;
  9. To test and improve the proposed system using the Alpha and Beta test;
  10. To evaluate the performances of the proposed system using the ISO/IEC 25010:2011

Scope and Limitations

The focus of this study is to design and develop an information system that will manage the records related to bike rental. The said system is an online platform where organization can post and publish their bike for rent items, manage customer profile, perform rental processing, monitoring bike through GPS and report generation related to bike rental transactions.

The delimitations of the proposed system are: hardware components is not part of the study, the researchers and developers will only utilize the GPS installed on the customer mobile phone. Hardware components is somewhat expensive and it would require another skillset for the implementation of the said project. The application is an online platform, thus, researchers and developers will not create a mobile app since mobile devices of any operating system can access the platform through their web browsers.

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