Student Grade Profiling System for Junior and Senior High School

Student Grade Profiling System for Junior and Senior High School


The aim of this study is to address concerns of instructors over the management of grades computation and file handling of student profiles. The good feedback mechanism relating to the learning process of students in terms of their performance in each subject ensures a good development assessment. This will give both the teacher and the student the idea about their growth and may promote a good teacher-to-student relationship. A fast and accurate grading system can give a clearer perspective on the standing of the students in the class as individuals and in the learning environment as a whole.

In this study, the proponents will focus on addressing problem caused by the existing grading system and are challenged to develop a computer-based tool entitled “Student Grade Profiling System for Junior and Senior High School” that will automate the current manual grading procedure to computerized transactions of Public and Private High Schools. The proposed system will minimize the time and effort consumed by the teachers in evaluating student’s performance and will provide accessible, secured, and accurate student records.

The grading process is the practice of evaluating the academic performance of the students by assigning them ratings based on standard grading scales programmed in the educational curriculum. Different interrelated procedures such as student information listing, academic grading, and class standing assessment build up grading processes called Academic Grading System or AGS. AGS is used particularly in keeping and retrieving information on student’s grade profile and academic status. Tracking their progress in subject courses and providing them responses on the form of points-based, letter-oriented, or ratings measurements are the features of Academic Grading System or AGS.

Beneficiaries of the Study

This study is beneficial to the following: School Administrator and Staff, student’s retrieval of records can easily be accessed; Teachers-they will be provided a system that requires less time and effort in recording and computation of grades; Students-this will speed up release of grades and they are assured of accurate reports.

Software Development Life Cycle

Requirements Analysis-In this most crucial phase of the project, the researchers established the system’s services, constraints and goals by consultation with user. They gather and list down all possible requirements of the system to be developed and then define it in manner that is understandable by both user and the developer; chalked out the functionality and limitations of the software. The data gathered or the requirement specifications served as the basis for the development of Student Grade Profiling System for Junior and Senior High School.

Requirements were then analyzed and then proper documentation was prepared. This document was verified and endorsed to the client before starting the project.

System Design-In this phase, the system was designed based on the requirements needed in the system. The researchers utilized several analytical tools that can facilitate an understanding of how complex systems operate, how well they meet their overall goals. Process modelling and data modelling will be done to present the system’s data and the relationship between different data elements.

Source Coding- The system programmer create the source codes necessary for the system to be constructed; reviewed and revised the design of the tables and forms of the system, and tested the functionalities of the system.

Program Testing-This phase aimed to find out whether the software functions and features work according to the specification, ensure that the produced system is complete and  performs efficiently, evaluate whether the software perform all activities after integration with the existing operating environment, and measure up the reliability and overall quality of the software.

System Acceptance-The units of the software are integrated together and a system is built. So we have complete software at hand which is tested to check if it meets the functional and performance requirements of the client.  After testing is done, we will assemble the whole system and install it into the computer. For the proper installation of the system, one must take into consideration the hardware and software requirements. The supports were also provided at this stage. The client will be required to have user training for them to familiarize the system.

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