Order and Delivery System for Water Refilling Station

Order and Delivery System for Water Refilling Station

Introduction of the Study

14 IT and IS Capstone Project Topics
14 IT and IS Capstone Project Topics

Order and Delivery System for Water Refilling Station is a capstone project that allows users to place order for water and to allow the water refilling station to handle delivery to customers.

Water is a basic necessity thus water refilling stations are everywhere wherein the competition is tough and tight. They must make an impression in their services for the people to choose them. People are accustomed in ordering for water refills via landline or personally go to the water refilling station for refill. The deliveries are also done manually by the water refilling station wherein the customer cannot track the location and exact delivery time of the water. The manual system is not comfortable for both the management and the clients. It is not efficient to provide customer satisfactory and the management cannot also keep track about numbers of deliveries they must do.

Order and Delivery System for Water Refilling Station
Order and Delivery System for Water Refilling Station

Proposed Solution

To provide solution for the above mentioned problems, the researchers of this study aim to design and develop an order and delivery system for water refilling station wherein with just few clicks, the customers can place an order for water refills. The water refilling station on the other hand can easily manage and monitor their scheduled orders and deliveries. The system will store all information and transactions of the water refilling station. The system will help the water refilling station raise their sales by connecting to more clients. The integration of the system in a water refilling station will bring convenience for both the customers and the water refilling management. The system will also improve the overall customer experience.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective – the main goal of this project is to design and develop a system that will serve as a platform wherein transaction for placing orders and deliveries for water refilling stations are done.

The study specifically aims the following objectives:

  1. The system will make it easier for the customers to order water and make it accessible to everyone.
  2. To help the water refilling station manage and monitor water deliveries.
  3. The output of the capstone project will provide a good service that will satisfy the clients and contribute to the growth of the business.
  4. The target of the project is to offer good quality of water services and deliveries for the customer.
  5. System development of the project will be evaluated into two parts.
    1. IT experts – to test the project in terms of accuracy, reliability and other paramaters based on the standard instrument.
    2. User Acceptance – to test the acceptability and functionalities of the project.

Significance of the Study

The following individuals or group will benefit from the project:

Customers. The system will help them to order water easily and conveniently without having to go to the water refilling station.

Water Refilling Station Owners. This will help them monitor deliveries and check the scope of their customers. The system can also let them know if their ordering and distribution system operates well.

Researchers. The study will help them gain more knowledge in developing programs that will help the community.

Future Researchers. Output of this capstone project can help them in upgrading the features of the system or they can use it as a basis if they want to pursue the same study.

Development Tools of the project

The proposed capstone project is a web based system that will be designed in PHP,  Javascript, MySQL and Bootstrap.

  • Bootstrap for the front-end and user interface. The researchers will use this framework for you could develop a responsive web application.
  • PHP and Javascript for the scripting and functionalities of the system.
  • MySQL/MariaDB for the database or storage of the records.

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