4P’s Management and Information System

4P’s Management and Information System

Managing such a huge transaction that uses manual processes would make a great hassle for personnel. Around the country, there’s lot of person are beneficiaries if the said 4ps, thus keeping of record and make it safe would make them create hassle and heavy work.  That is why regarding with this problem, the researchers of the system named 4ps Management and Information system aimed to make every transaction and processes easy, smooth, and convenient for the both side, error free and has security. All of these factors are important to have, since this transaction involves money.  This system will cater all the information about the beneficiaries so that admins would not waste anytime just to find info about.

The proponent of the system, made a better way to make a quick and easy transaction and processes that the current system doesn’t provided.  The current system, uses manually that requires a lot of effort, sweat, burden and stress. The proposed 4ps Management and information system can be a great storage for the information of the beneficiaries of the 4ps program. The admins will store the information of the beneficiaries and to the system and for them to be finding an easier task.

4P’s Management and Information System
4P’s Management and Information System

System implementation

The proposed 4ps Management and information system was intended for the beneficiaries of the 4ps or the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino program. One of the member of the group of researchers provided questionnaire to answer all the necessary questions, clarification as well regarding on the system and difficulties that would possibly be faced upon operating the system. This system was developed in order to give solution that a current system operations encounters.  If this system will be implemented, the transactions of the both sides going smooth fast and may take less effort.

Objectives of the study

  1. To improve the manual system into systematic and electronically system for better and easy use.
  2. To create a system that is accurate and safe for the important information.
  3. To provide a system that efficient, friend to use and secure for the both sides.
  4. The storing of data is organized, so that the personnel would not waste a time on finding them.
  5. To create a system that would serve as an easy medium of transaction of the said program.

Significance of the study

The Admins/management, 4ps beneficiaries and the proponents will gain benefit out from this system.

Admins/ management: this system will greatly benefit them. With help of this system their work will be done on time, they will feel no hassle, no burden in terms of transactions and the process, far from criticism because they make transaction now smoothly and fast. They can now keep the files at a safety files and secure.

4ps beneficiaries: this system was developed for them. So they can have a huge benefit of it. The proponents don’t want them to wait for a long time of processing. It is now easy for them to make a transaction to the personnel.

Proponents: if this research will succeed, the proponent would really benefit from it. This study will make them understand their work also to sharpen their knowledge.

Project Plan/SDLC Model

In operating the system the researchers used the software development cycle (SDLC), an overall process which consists of six cycles.

First, is determining the requirements. It is where the researcher determines the requirements of the proposed system, whether software or hardware is to be used. Next step is gather data. This is where the researchers will conduct interviews to the management office in order for them to gather relevant data for the operation of the system. After gathering the data, it is time for them to analyse it. They analyse the data for them to be able to identify the necessary information needed for the development of the proposed system to give some solutions. Next cycle will be the phase designing, the researchers designed the system relating to the desire future. Specification and operation in detail and some conceptual model of the user requirements where produced. The last cycle will be the coding. The researcher will encode all the codes with the helping hand of the technical expert to check if it has error or the program will debug successfully. The system undergoes testing using incorrect data, in order for them to determine the reliability of the system. Maintaining the system is also part of it.

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