34 Best PHP Project Ideas

35 Best PHP Project Ideas

PHP based projects are intended for development specifically dynamic projects that uses databases such as MySQL and MariaDB. To know about the fantastic project ideas for PHP, take a look at the list below.

What is PHP?

PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessor, is a widely used open-source general-purpose scripting language that is well suitable for web development and can be incorporated into HTML. PHP scripts are executed on the server. PHP is free to download and use (Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc.). PHP is compatible with practically all modern servers (Apache, IIS, and so on). PHP supports a wide range of databases.

List of PHP Project Ideas

  1. Cake Ordering System

Cake Ordering System has several advantages. Customers like the ease of placing orders from their favourite cake stores without leaving the comfort of their own homes or places of business. In addition to being quick and easy to use, buyers can browse their design options or add the design for the customized cake that they like. They may also track the status of their orders and deliveries in real time. The method makes it easier to order cake for special occasions.

  1. Cemetery Mapping System

The researcher of the system entitled “Cemetery Mapping Information System” aimed to provide a platform for the user to quickly locate and less effort on finding their relative graves and a platform for the personnel to access, update and maintain the data in an efficient manner. With this system, the user will not be worry about locating the grave of their deceased loved ones.

  1. QR Code Attendance System

The capstone project, “QR Code Attendance System with SMS Notification” is designed to systematize the attendance system in school. The attendance system will be based on QR codes scanned by students in entering and leaving the school premises. Upon the recording of attendance, the system will generate SMS to notify the parents about the arrival and departure of their children in school.

  1. Law Office Management System

The capstone project, entitled “Law Office Management Information System” is designed to streamline law firm office’s daily operations and transactions. The said project will automate recording, storing, and management of client’s records, attorney’s records, services records, payment records, and other activities in the firm. The records and other documents of the firm will be stored in a database and is accessible by authorized personnel for easy retrieval.

  1. Online Food Catering System

Food Order and Catering Services System is a capstone project design to be used by food business industries. The system will allow customers to order food online and will also allow restaurants or any food businesses to accept and manage orders placed over the internet. The system will also allow booking of catering services.

  1. Online Business Permit Application System

The proposed Business Permit Processing System is online platform using PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap. It is a database system that will serve as alternative in the processing of business permit. For more information about the project you may visit the following articles related to business permit processing system.

  1. Document Control System

Every day we are dealing with loads of documents especially those in business industry and such. It is time costly to keep track with critical information. To address this problem, the researcher of the study entitled Document Control and Management System aimed to develop a system that will utilize barcodes in different documents for easy access and filing. Using barcodes will let the user avoid human errors upon managing documents. Barcodes add efficiency and accuracy to your document management.

  1. Admission System with Email Notification

The researchers create a platform that makes it simple and practical for both sides for students to be admitted. Big schools and universities can use the “Admission System with Email Notification in PHP and MySQL” as a superb platform for their admission operations and transactions, and everything will go smoothly after that. Knowing that the educational system uses technology for data processing, record keeping, teaching and learning, and its enrolment system. This platform is therefore relevant for this. A well-designed admissions system will lighten the stress on those who typically handle all the work.

  1. Financial Management for Cooperative

The capstone project, entitled “Financial Management for Cooperative” will allow organizations to electronically manage financial activities. The said project will serve as a platform were organizations manage and store information especially financial reports. The financial management system will also have SMS feature to notify members of the organizations for updates.

  1. College Management System

Effective school administration propels the school forward. It assists schools in achieving short- and long-term objectives, as well as improving the school’s operations and services to its stakeholders.” College Management System Project using Node.js and MySQL,” the capstone project, is software that enables an educational institution to digitally modernize college management. It is a platform developed using Node.js and MySQL to properly manage all aspects of school administration.

  1. Car Rental System

In conjunction with this, the researchers would like to propose an IT-based solution which is the development of a Car Rental System. The said initiative will digitally transform the process of inquiring about available cars for rent. Car rental companies may use the information system by posting the details about the cars along with their rental rate. The company may also post a picture of the car to allow clients to easily visualize the car. The project would ease up the transaction between car rental businesses and their clients.

  1. Online Donation Platform

The capstone project“Online Donation Platform for DSWD” is an online platform for giving and asking donations in the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). The system will be managed by the staffs of the DSWD to verify donors and legible beneficiaries electronically. The system will have an SMS feature to notify the donors and beneficiaries about the status of their request.

  1. Salon Appointment System

The capstone project, “Salon Appointment System with SMS Notification” is an online platform for setting salon appointment conveniently. The Salon Appointment System offers to clients the convenience and flexibility to book their appointments when and where it suits them.

  1. Boarding House Management System

Boarding house management includes monitoring tenant’s payment, the status of rooms and beds (available or occupied), water and electricity bills, and much more. Conventionally, these management areas were processed manually. Most of the boarding houses use the manual approach in managing the aforementioned areas. The use of manual operation will slow the operation of the boarding house and will affect the experience of the guest is staying in their rented rooms and beds.

  1. OJT Record Monitoring System

The capstone project entitled “OJT Records Monitoring System” is a system that allows organizations to keep track and monitor students who undergo on-the-job training. The system will automate keeping of the student trainee’s record for easy monitoring and retrieval of data.

  1. Complaints Handling Management

The capstone project, “Complaint Handling Management System” is a system designed to help educational institutions to handle and manage complaints electronically. The system will improve the response time of the school’s management in addressing the complaints of the students, parents, staff, and other stakeholders.

  1. Mother Tongue Education App

To aid the aforementioned statement and challenges, to give easier and efficient access and learning without the hassle of teaching manually, the project entitled “Mother Tongue Mobile Based Education App” develop. This is to provide a platform that transforms the old ways of teaching were to make visual aids and paper works, in this application everything that the student and teachers needed is stored already.

  1. Online Banking System

The researchers created the technology-based platform for the banking industry called “Online Banking System in Springboot” to correspond with the idea. This platform ensures that all business transactions go smoothly and that the banking industry expands and thrives.  In addition to making it accessible online, they suggested a system that is run by an application. This way, people won’t have to spend as much time using search engines to discover it, and researchers offer a system that is just a click away. This system will simulate a physical bank and be able to conduct transactions and carry out other operations just like a bank would in the real world.

  1. Church Event Management System

The capstone project entitled “Church Event Management System” is designed to be used by church organizations in creating and managing different church events. The conventional method of managing church events is done manually where members of organizations will face difficulties due to physical barriers and time constraints.

  1. Evacuation Center Management System

The capstone project, entitled “Evacuation Center Management System” is designed to automate the management processes of evacuation centers. The said system will assist the local government disaster risk reduction personnel in managing evacuees and their needs. The evacuation center staff can electronically conduct all sorts of recordings plus an inventory of supplies for the evacuees.

  1. Tourism Web Application

Tourism is one of the world’s fastest-growing sectors. Many modern tourists want efficient, seamless, and engaging experiences. The capstone project “Tourism Web Application Using PHP and MySQL” is a web application that allows users to easily and quickly identify tourist locations in one place. A tourism management system contains all of the main elements that a visitor or client would want in one location, saving time and resources searching for hotels and travel agencies by including hotel information, tourism site information, tour agency information, and many more.

  1. Student Tracking Performance

The most effective way in resolving this concern is by providing an IT-based solution. The researchers will propose an automated academic performance tracking and monitoring system. The proposed system is a response to the need for an effective and efficient system for tracking and monitoring student’s academic performance. The study was conducted to design an automated system for tracking and monitoring students’ academic performance. The said project will allow learning facilitators to electronically collect and manage academic records of students for easy and convenient tracking and monitoring.

  1. Online Platform for Physical Fitness Tele-Consultation System

Physical fitness is very popular, and many people sign up for physical fitness consultations to get the figure they’ve always wanted. In this way, the researcher creates a platform for online, technology-based physical fitness consultations that will be processed and automated. The project is called “Online Platform for Physical Tele-Consultation System” and it will make physical fitness consultations easier by moving them online, where all operations, activities, and processes would take place. The user of this platform only needs to register or sign up in the system in order to receive an online and tele-consultation about their physical fitness activities.

  1. Email and SMS Marketing

The researchers use a platform called “Email and SMS Marketing Solution using Laravel” in this context, which streamlines SMS and Email services as a marketing idea solution. On this platform, organizations of enterprises can sell their products by sending bulk or group SMS and email messages to recipients. This will act as their platform for marketing and for quickly and efficiently sending information to a recipient. By successfully and efficiently communicating with each consumer, the company may improve sales and revenues as a result of the technology that has been introduced.

  1. Asset Management System

The researchers looked into every part of an issue that could arise in an organization and came up with a remedy by integrating technologically based solutions to the difficulties that arose. In this way, the researcher looks for and investigates a solution for adequately monitoring and recording an organization’s physical assets. The researchers create a capstone project called Asset Management System, which is a web-based system that will appropriately monitor, record, and report an organization’s physical assets. Designed to keep track of the location and status of company-issued equipment as well as any hardware supplies distributed to employees.

  1. Child Welfare Management Application

Researchers created the “Child Welfare Management Application Project” to automate the process in a single application so users can easily and automatically apply and work the process without having to do it physically at all. This was done in order to take into account the entire process of managing child welfare as a massive operation. This program will function as a standalone unit because it is capable of managing all processes with a single click and usage.

  1. Hospital Resources and Room Utilization

The capstone project, “Hospital Resources and Room Utilization Management System” is a system designed to streamline the process of managing hospital resources and room utilization. The said project is critical especially now that we are facing a pandemic, there is a need for efficient management of hospital resources and room management. The management efficiency will prevent a shortage in supplies and overcrowding of patients in the hospitals.

  1. Waste Management System

The capstone project, “Waste Management with Reward System” is designed to persuade waste producers to reuse and recycle more wastes by giving rewards to members who actively participate in the waste management campaign. The said project will serve as a platform where all waste management-related records will be managed and kept.

  1. Pet Shop Management System

The capstone project entitled “Pet Shop Management System” is a system that allows pet shops to electronically manage their daily transactions. The system will automate keeping of pet records, inventory, billing, services and products and other transactions of the shop.

  1. Wedding Guest Management System

The Wedding Guest Management System is intended to automate wedding guest management transactions between wedding planners and their clients. The program will be basic in design, allowing wedding planners and their customers to easily list the number of attendees as well as information about them. The app streamlines communication on both ends and contains features that allow you to display images of wedding preparations and arrangements such as the guest list, reception and cuisine, wedding invitation, and other important facts.

  1. Railway Reservation System

The Railway Reservation System was designed to streamline the process of booking tickets for train travel. The system allows passengers to book tickets from the comfort of their homes or offices, without having to stand in long queues at railway stations. The Railway Reservation System has revolutionized train travel in India and has made it more convenient for passengers.

  1. Insurance Management System

The researchers come up with the idea for the “Insurance Management System” capstone project to address this issue. A platform that organizes the management of the agents for resources and insurance. Organizations that manage insurance policies for individuals are no longer able to manage operational annoyance because the system can handle it on its own. It provides capabilities for quickly and effectively processing data.

  1. Movie Ticket Booking System

The scholars provided a capstone project named “Movie Ticket Booking System” which streamlines a movie ticketing book. This platform will improve and automate the daily transaction of a cinema ticket purchase and reservation. This technology will help customers reserve movie tickets through the online website, which will also benefit management by promoting innovation to their customers. The approach described above would make transactions easier, faster, and more convenient for both customers and management.

  1. Product Delivery Management System

The researchers utilized the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) method in the development of the system. The SDLC method was the process employed in the analysis and design of the Product Delivery Management System. The model develops systematically from one phase to other in a downward fashion, like a waterfall.


These are just a few project ideas for students who want to learn more about PHP. These projects are mostly with database in nature, yet provide a great foundation for students to expand their knowledge and skills in this area. So, if you want to learn more about PHP, these are some great places to start!

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