Web Based Classified Ads Application

Proposed Title
Web Based Classified Ads Application

Area of Investigation
Web Development

Reasons for Choice of Project

In the earlier times it was difficult to reach out with the classifieds to people spread over a wider area easily. If we publish it in a print media, the editions would be limited, in the case of television the audiences would be limited. Ever since internet has burst into the scene, much like everything advertisement industry has also picked up. Online classifieds are the need of the hour as a user can become both buyer and seller on the click of a button. More over since it is published online, any person can see it sitting anywhere in the world. All it takes is basic computer knowledge to browse this site.

This is a website based on classified – OLX and Quikr. In this project we can easily post any type of ads free by either logging in or not. We also update our classified ads if we register on this website and if the post has been approved by the admin. In this website we also create an admin panel that handles our user, create and update categories and manage classified post and much more.

Importance of the Study

The proposed system can be used to maintain efficiently the postings and retrieval of any type of Advertisement posted by a Poster. The proposed system is also useful and helpful in checking out different Advertisements by a Viewer so that he/she can easily categorize and select the appropriate AD for him/herself depending on the requirement and his/her choice. He/she can also create his/her mail account using my system. Since our system is allowing Banner Advertisements to obtain revenue out of it, a user can post his/her company’s or firm’s Advertisement using the system.

Target Users/Beneficiary

Advertiser – Classified Ads are the best way of announcing the attributes of your business. Classifieds are made in a way to grab the reader’s consideration and direct him/her to the website from where products can be purchased or services requested. Get maximum exposure and highly targeted visitors by placing Classified Ads.

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