Online Job Recruitment using WordPress

Online Job Recruitment using WordPress

14 IT and IS Capstone Project Topics
14 IT and IS Capstone Project Topics
Area of Investigation:
Web Development

Reasons for Choice of Project

The primary purpose to develop this system is to optimize the recruitment process for an organization. Besides, the qualified applicants could be sort by this system based on their qualifications and company requirements.

Importance of the Study

Online dedicated portals are popular nowadays; people use them to get services and information all around the world regardless of their physical location and around the clock. Today’s emerging technology and tight labour market have incited a stampede to electronic recruiting. Job boards and other kinds of electronic recruitment systems were a notable improvement over newspaper classified ads in terms of timeliness, reach, and cost, however when looking to the current systems, we can see a lot of advanced features, but without being automatic in suggesting relevant answers to both job seekers and employers. In this project we demonstrate a prototype solution in which we built a dedicated website for job seekers, students, or graduates on one hand, and potential employers on the other, the aim is to enable them reach and match each other’s requirements using an advanced instant custom and automatic search feature. Both can have access to the website which is introduced in the form of online portal holding their details in a database and allowing searches to match seekers with providers and vice versa.

Target Users/Beneficiary

Job Seekers – Candidates benefit immensely from the wider scope they gain through online job sites. They are able to access jobs in companies, industries and locations they may not otherwise have learned of and can apply immediately with the click of a mouse. By posting their CVs online they can be contacted by employers/recruiters directly for opportunities that may not even be advertised.
Employers – Unlike traditional methods which are usually restricted by career level, geography, industry or other parameters online recruitment portals typically have current and active talent databases that cover all career levels, industries and regions. Top marketing dollars are spent ensuring the databases are diverse, updated regularly, relevant and high quality. Sprawling business development teams also ensure that affiliations are established whereby the portals are always prominent and top-of-mind with the relevant candidates and are visited by the target job seekers regularly.

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