Web Based Baptismal Information System

Web Based Baptismal Information System

Introduction of the study

The researchers of the system named Web Based Baptismal Information System aimed to provide a platform where users and admins transaction/processes will do through online or electronically.  In terms of baptism clients information is vital and using this system that makes filing and keeping data efficiently would be a great tool and safe guard for the client’s information, where all data are stored properly.  Having an increasing number of clients and having a large of information would not cause them of losing data, and would not make them  feel too hard, and can make a great impression to churches regarding on their services. With this system, clients will also feel satisfaction because it can process rapidly and also cannot make them wait too long.  It provides a going smooth transactions and paperless baptism for the convenient for the churches and clients.

Web Based Baptismal Information System
Web Based Baptismal Information System

The researcher made some improvement on the current system. From doing transaction manually that causes delays, losing of data and requires more effort to a web based platform which everything is in control and can process quickly.  The proposal web based baptismal information system can improves productivity and enhances efficiency to the churches .They can record the clients data quickly, can process the transaction immediately and cannot make delays and hassle for the clients.


The proposed web based baptismal information system was presented to the end user and churches. One of the researchers of the group provided questionnaire to answer the question, clarification as well as the difficulties that encountered while operating the system. Web based baptismal was develop in order to solve the problems that the current system faced.  If implemented, then there will be no hassle and error on the both side, the admin and the users.

Objectives of the study

1.)  This study aims to create, design, and develop a system for easy storage of data.

2.) To establish a system that could reduce the workload of the churches people.

3.) To design a secured system that could keep and protect and manage the users and admins info.

4.) To minimize the time, cost, and effort for the both parties.

5.) To provide a system that is efficient in making the transactions.

Significance/Beneficiaries of the study

The admin, clients/user, and proponents will gain benefit out this system.

Admin- this system will help them more efficient in dealing baptismal, since everything has been organized. They will no longer exert large amount of effort in transactions to the other side.  The establishment will gain more praises because they a hassle free transaction to the clients.

Clients: they will no longer wait that long, because the process is fast and also very convenient for them. They will feel secured as well.

Proponents: if this study succeeds, the proponents will definitely benefit from it. These study will enhance their knowledge about baptism and how it works.

Project Plan/SDLC

In operating this system the researchers used the software development cycle (SDLC), an overall process which consists of six cycles.

First, is to determine the requirements. It is where the researcher determines the requirements of the proposed system, which to be used, the software or hardware. . Next step is to gather data. This is where the researchers conduct interviews to the management office in order for them to gather relevant data for the operation of the system. After the gathering all the datas, it is time for them to analyze it. They analyze the data to be able to identify the necessary information needed for the development of the proposed system and to give some solutions. Next will be the phase designing, the researchers designed the system relating to the desire future. Specification and operation in detail and some conceptual model of the user requirements where produced. The last is the phase coding. The researcher will encode all the codes with the help of the technical expert to check if it has error or the program will debug successfully. In order to determine the reliability of the system, they undergo testing using incorrect data and maintaining the system is also part of it.

Development Tools:

PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap

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