Training Management System Capstone Project

Training Management System Capstone Project

Proposed System

The emergence of technology has made a huge impact in every single person in their working life. The functions of all the inventions and creations of the brilliant minds through technology, keeps them away in burden and hassle. And through this, the researchers have given the opportunity to produce a system that makes every processes, operations and transactions easy and possible. The researchers of the system entitled “training management system”, develops a system that would help individuals to be more effective and efficient in every performances. This is productive software that connects individuals to each other in order to meet their competency needs. It is very convenient, easy to use, and user friendly platform that enables real time access between the end user and the admin for a better and fast transaction and operations. This system will play a vital role in this field for it makes their work done on time, cannot make delays, and error free. All of the end users data will store or record in this system including their attendance, performance, comments and suggestions and ideas.

Training Management System Capstone Project
Training Management System Capstone Project

The awareness of the researchers towards the currents system encourages them to improve more. They made some improvements so that the operations or process will run smoothly. Having the knowledge about the current system that requires a lot of effort, wasted so much time, causes troubles, making delays and there was a risk of a loss of data, the researchers produce system that will fades all the problem or errors that currents system encountered. The Training management system can make a quick process of recording or storing data. In addition to this, this system will facilitates both the end user and the admin can access, view, and retrieve the data stored in the system.

System Implementation

The proposed Training management system was presented to end user and to the admin for a better outcome of the operation or process. One of the researchers provided questionnaire to answer the relevant questions regarding the system, clarification and difficulties that might encountered upon operating the system.

Training management system was developed by the researchers in order to give solution of the problems and difficulties that arises in the operation of the current system. If implemented, all the processes, operation, and transactions related to the training management will run smoothly and fast. Finally, User and admins performance will results effectively and efficiently.

Objectives of the Study

1.) To develop and implement a systematic and effective training management system.

2.) To reduce the resources, time, and cost associated in organizing training programs.

3.) To create a system that can manage, maintain, organize and can store the data in a secure location.

4.) To lessen the burden and weary of individuals transactions related to trainings.

5.) To produce an error free system that would help improve the performance of both beneficiaries of the system.

6.) To improve the current system into computerized training system.

Significance of the Study

The management and users can both benefits from this system

Management.The Managements will feel advantage from this system because it will be easy for them to monitor the needs, performance and suggestions of the users, they can fast and easily gather and process feed backs, comments and suggestions. With the help with this system they will no longer be exert great effort in terms of transactions between the user, they will easily get the information they’ve wanted in just a click, and all the necessary information of the user will be stored in a safer location.

User.User will gain benefits out of this system, they can conveniently view updates regarding on the training managements, they can as well view their performance easily, also they have given the privilege to give feedback or suggestion and comments since they as well access to the system. If they have task to do they can perform it in the system.

Project Plan/SDLC

In operating this system the researchers used the software development cycle (SDLC), an overall process which consists of six cycles.

First, is to determine the requirements. It is where the researcher determines the requirements of the proposed system, whether software or hardware to be used. Next step is to gather data. This is where the researchers conduct interviews to the management office in order for them to gather relevant data for the operation of the system. After the researchers gathered all the important data, it is time for them to analyze it. They analyze the data for them to be able to identify the necessary information needed for the development of the proposed system to give some solutions. Next cycle will be the phase designing, the researchers designed the system relating to the desire future. Specification and operation in detail and some conceptual model of the user requirements where produced. The last cycle is coding. The researcher will encode all the codes with the hand of the technical expert to check if it has error or the program will debug successfully. In order to determine the reliability of the system, they undergo testing using incorrect data. Maintaining the system is also part of it.

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