Student Records System Review of Related Literature

Student Records System Review of Related Literature

The project entitled Student Records System is a grade compilation system that will be installed in the registrar’s office. The said application was written in Visual Basic and MS Access, it can be access by multiple users at the same time using the LAN or local area network.


This article presents the related literature and studies of the present study wherein researchers will acquire basic information that are necessary in the study.

Student Records System Review of Related Literature
Student Records System Review of Related Literature

Related Literature

Advantages of Automated System

The advantages of automated systems are the following: Speed – they can process information much more quickly than humans; Repetition – Automated systems can do the same task over and over again without getting bored, needing breaks or making mistakes; Accuracy – They can do very detailed work and follow precise instructions without error; and Efficiency – the quality of the work done is always of the same standard being materials are not wasted due to human error.

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Basic Requirements of an Electronic Record Keeping System

An electronic recordkeeping system must be able to: collect, organize, and categorize records; and facilitate the preservation, retrieval, use, and disposition of records. On integrity, the system must ensure the integrity of the records it manages and be able to: minimize the risk of unauthorized alteration or erasure of the records, allow only authorized personnel access to the records in the system, allow only authorized personnel to perform administrative functions such as creating or deleting directories, altering the parameters of metadata fields, and assigning access rights. On retrieval of records, the system must retrieve records and be able to: permit easy retrieval in a timely fashion; ensure that records are accessible by individuals who have a business need for information in the records; provide a method for all authorized users of the system to retrieve desired documents, such as an indexing or text search system; and permit retrieval of both individual records and files or other groupings of related records.

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Related Studies

Benefits of a Well-Designed Automated Student Record System

A well-designed automated student record system will reach more than teachers and administrators. It will also benefit the students, parents, community, legislators, and others by providing information on the functioning and success of the education system. The advantages of a Well-Design automated Record System are the following: Cost saving and cost avoidance- A well-conceived and implemented automated student record system can reduce the costs of handling the paperwork associated with record keeping; Quicker Response- allows for timely retrieval of needed information; Accuracy- is vital at every stage, from data collection, to entry, to maintenance in the system it provides users with the confidence they will require to rely upon a student record system; Getting the needed information- they can provide the information required on request, easily, and without burdensome trial-and-error searching; Moving data among different education agencies- allows for the easy and efficient movement of student records among levels of the education system using standard formats.

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Records that provides Statistical Reports and Rosters

According to University of North Carolina (2010) the institution is using a Student Academic Information Datamart (SAID) it is a data mart storing historic student records from the Student Information System (SIS). The data mart is implemented to satisfy the growing needs for specific data and information about many different types of academic information. The Student Academic Information Datamart (SAID) has data up to Summer 2010 and new data will no longer be loaded. The ITS Student Data Warehouse will contain student enrollment data beginning in the Fall 2010, this database is totally controlled by ITS.

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Student Records

The University of Wisconsin Madison Student Record main purpose was to ensure the following: established record keeping requirements, protect the University’s liability, provide institutional accountability, and safeguard the academic interests of students, to insure that records are retained for a sufficient period of time in order to meet administrative, audit, legal, research, and historical needs , to establish uniform retention and disposition of student records, to promote cost effective and efficient management of records and information, and to provide campus offices with the legal authorization to dispose of records on a routine basis.  The creation, maintenance, retention and disposition of student academic information is a core function within higher educational institutions. Student records identify the academic institution’s official student body, document their progress through a course of study, show degrees and certifications earned, support applications to other institutions, support job applications, and frequently are referenced as historical records. Student records and record keeping supports and /or documents all the administrative activities relating to the admission, attendance, advising and counseling, completion of coursework and requirements, and ultimately graduation and the attainment of a degree.

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The literatures and studies gathered and presented in this chapter gave the researchers insights, facts, and adequate information that will serve as the basis, guide, and reference that are relevant and necessary in the development of system. It also guides the researcher in making comparisons between his findings with the findings of other similar studies.

The concept on the advantages of automated systems such as speed, repetition, accuracy, and efficiency provide the researchers facts on automated systems and significance on the quality of the work done and efficiency in the work place which serves also as bases of the researchers on how to develop the software.

The Student Academic Information Datamart (SAID) is implemented to satisfy the growing needs for specific data and information about many different types of academic information. The developed student record system will also implement the use of a database that will store academic information such that locating, searching, and processing of records will be fast. However, the present study will only store student’s information and academic records particularly student grades.

The study on the benefits of a Well-Designed Automated Student Record System by had given the present study relevant information, particularly, on the benefits of a well-designed automated student record system to students, parents, school administrators, and others.

These concepts, ideas, and studies are adopted by the researchers to support the study and to establish references that are important and necessary in the development of system.

Credits to the authors and developers of the project and study

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