Online Food Ordering System with Real-Time Customer Feedback using PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap

Online Food Ordering System with Real-Time Customer Feedback using PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap

This research work aims to automate the food ordering process in restaurant and also improve the dining experience of customers. In this paper we discuss about the design & implementation of automated food ordering system with real time customer feedback for restaurants. This system, implements wireless data access to servers.

The order that is taken by mobile will communicate to the main server. The main server is the server at the counter that controls all the system such as bill calculation, orders, and also order delivery from the servers to the restaurant department. The restaurant has two different departments that is cashier department and kitchen department. At the kitchen department, the order will display at the kitchen’s screen.

This system has two main categories, which are the administrator and user (waiter). The restaurant owner can manage the menu modifications easily. The wireless application on mobile devices provide a means of convenience, improving efficiency and accuracy for restaurants by saving time, reducing human errors and real-time customer feedback.

The database of the system will store all the system’s data such as order record, staff information, and inventory. On the cashier System, users can log in as “Staff” or “Admin”. Staff of the restaurant is representing as the waiter and the admin is representing as the manager of the restaurant. The restaurant waiter can check orders and calculate bill orders for customers. On the other hand, the restaurant manager can register for new staff, update menu categories such as update item name, price or update items quantity, and also can check all the old orders. On the mobile device client, the waiter can just take the customer order and save it into the database. By using mobile application, the waiter can take the order from the customer. The order will save into the database. In the kitchen department, the screen will display the list of order by table number. After the order has been taken, the database will update the inventory by deducting the menu for each of the ordered. Then, the waiter will be notified if some of the menu is out of stock.  Besides that, the previous order taken by the waiter will be saved to the database, so that the receptionist can check up and calculate the bill. With this database, the restaurant manager can know the transaction and also can control the operation and performance of the restaurant. This system will be develop in PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap as a platform to develop the cashier and kitchen interface of the system, for the mobile application the researcher will use jQuery Mobile to create the interface design. By using mobile device, it helps to make the system possible to increase to overall productivity of an organization. The mobile device will have to communicate with other systems, which are the server database, the cashier, kitchen department and bar department. Last but not least, this application is ideal for all restaurants that have use the computerized order system at their restaurant before. The application can be installed on any computer and the mobile app can be installed in Android and IOS. This system needs the additional hardware to run it such as the mobile device and touch screen PC for cashier department, and a screen for kitchen department to display customers order list.

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