PHP-MySQL Lesson – Create Table

Creating a  Table

In this lesson we are going to write a PHP script that will create a table in our MySQL database.

To create a table in MySQL, use the command CREATE TABLE tablename. In PHP,mysql_query() function is used to execute CREATE TABLE command and other SQL query.

Here is an example script:

//including the database connection file
// Create table
mysql_select_db("employee", $con);
$sql = "CREATE TABLE Persons
id int unsigned not null auto_increment primary key,
f_name varchar(20),
l_name varchar(20),
position varchar(30),
age int,
salary int,
email varchar(60)
// Execute query

In the above code we have created a employee_record table in our employee database. The table consists of id, l_name, f_name, position, age, salary and email.

Note: Select first the database where you want to create your table. The database is selected with the mysql_select_db() function.

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