Online Catering Reservation Capstone Project Proposal

Online Catering Reservation Capstone Project Proposal

Proposed System

Nowadays, major marketing strategies aimed through INTERNET. Most business enterprises seek to offer their services through online. Thus, the researcher of the system entitled Online Catering Reservation proposed a system that offers services that is style, portable, accessible and easy to use. Since, internet are available everywhere it easy for the users to book a reservation even they’re far from the location. This system give much advantage for those busy person because they only have to check then book a reservation on their cellular phone with internet without hassle. This system will be a friendly user so that everyone will be applicable to use it. With the help with this system the user can now automatically book reservations as well as they have the ability to check the availability quickly. User will love this system for it will not make delay and it easy also to cancel if there is hesitation. In addition, they can also avoid traffics, cost on travelling for they can no longer go to the exact location to book a reservation. In this proposed system the researchers made some improvement than the traditional way on reserving a catering. In traditional system, requires much time and usually causes delays, problems and hassle.

Online Catering Reservation Capstone Project Proposal
Online Catering Reservation Capstone Project Proposal

The proposed system can provide efficient facilities to both management/admin and to the users in fulfilling their needs. The user can view some details related in catering services and they can also reserve a services on which time and date. In addition, the management can retrieve and view all the reservation on that particular day and will determine the number of customers for them to identify how many to be catered.

 System Implementation

The proposed online catering reservation was presented to the end users for a hassle free reservation. The researchers provide questionnaire, clarification and difficulties that might encountered in operating the system. The system was made to make them feel they are being valued and for them not cause a weary reservation.

Objectives of the Study

  1. To improve the traditional way system to a system that does not requires much time and effort.
  2. To develop a system that would cater all the customer/users wants, needs in a catering services.
  3. To create a system that would make the customers satisfactions high as always.
  4. To provide an error free and hassle free reservation for customers.
  5. To provide a system that will help management a confused free job, because everything has been recorded and everything are organized.
  6. To provide a services easy and fast.

Significance of the Study

Both the management and the customer will benefits from this system:

Management/Admin: this system will help their services grow for it will make the customers satisfaction good. This will also help them enhance their decision making, ordering and reserving process and stock managing. Since this is an online services, so it is easy for them to take the reservation and also easy for them to know if there’s an available or none.

Customer/user: it reduces the customers time and cost in travelling. Everything they need could be in just one location online; they can no longer visit in a catering area to reserve. They can book a reservation even they’re at home.

Project Plan/SDLC Model

In this study, the researchers used the SDLC model, consist of six cycles. First is the determination requirement, this is the stage where the proponents determined all the requirements to be used for the proposed system. Second is to gather data. The researchers conduct interviews to gather an important data for the system. Third is to analyze the data. In this cycle the researchers analyze data for them to identify the necessary information needed in the development of the system. Fourth stage is the designing phase. The researchers designed the system according to its specified features. Defined in detailed and made a conceptual model base on the requirements of the users. Fifth stage is the coding. The researchers will write the codes based on the requirements of the design stage to convert the idea into a prototype.

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