Online Bulletin Information System with SMS and Push Notification

Online Bulletin Information System with SMS and Push Notification

Project Concept

SCHOOL Information Board System is a system that tells about SCHOOL. The process that we used is done manually by posting the activities in the bulletin board. There is no need for the students to ask for a flyer because the information they need is already posted in the website. The proposed system could create systematic and properly compiled files of information about the administration, offices, students, employees and calendar of activities. Suggestions and comments were acceptable because of the system’s feedback. We would be able to know feedbacks or concerns by sharing the ideas and opinions in the website. It is hard to propose a system because each one of us is not a computer literate that can easily adapt to the changes of the system.

Problem Statement

As per observation we had, was that, one of the major problems of the school is the splinter of the three campuses where they are situated far away from each other causing the slowdown of the communication and therefore information is hardly received by the concerns. Each campus has its own activities, announcements and latest news that were not known by the other campuses.

The listed problems were:

  1. There is no consistency in giving the information in each department.
  2. Examinees were not informed ahead of time by their schedules, interviews and results of examinations without going to the school.
  • .No centralization of information between the three campuses because of their locations.
  1. Unreliable Sources of information had been subscribed by the less-informed individuals.
  2. Examinees have less idea as to when exactly be the entrance examination, results and interviews due to slow information received by them.
  3. Suggestions and feedbacks were being ignored.

Project Scope

The system contains all the information about school activities especially brief information about the school. The administrator secures that the information is reliable before posting it to the website. Announcements, latest news and activities were visible even the user has no account registered. It is compose of the buttons MyAccount which is the Home, Accounts, Academics, Scholarship and Reference Aid. In MyAccount, where the home is located, has many links that can be selected. The SCHOOL Accounts which is intended for the employees and students of SCHOOL include the various courses. A scholarship which is for the poor but deserving students are being offered by various sponsors like the PESO, Barangay scholars and also those sponsors by councilors.

Reference Aid is placed so that every guest may have an idea on where he could locate and obtain the information he wants to know about the SCHOOL. Vicinity maps are very useful in order to locate specific areas where the three campuses are located within the area. Finally, a phone directory is used to contact or inquire the three campuses.

In developing this system, we used software applications like XAMPP, Macromedia Dreamweaver and MySQL for the database all in one package. XAMPP is a web server used to run PHP webpage while creating a database for references.PHP (Php-Hypertext Preprocessor) is widely used as an open source general purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML. MySQL is a relational database management system based on SQL Structured Query Language.

This system provides information about SCHOOL events and announcements giving SCHOOL students a privilege to comment and suggest about the activities being posted in the website.

Business Constraints (Schedule, Human and Financial Issues)

Schedule Issues

This system aimed to provide updated and reliable information for students, faculty and staffs. The problem on the schedule is one of the factors that can affect the system. Approving of the activities being proposed is time consuming because the OIC will check whether the activity is appropriate and needed to be confirmed or rejected. Emergency updates and announcements are also part of the problem because the administrator can hardly post this emergency updates and announcements.

The operation and installation of this system takes time because of some factors to be considered. Furthermore, variations in the schedule of time and date are being discussed by the persons in charge to fix it and input the correct time and date of the activity upon the system. The students were being updated to the school activities every time they log-in to our webs ite. We had presented our calendar of activities with clear and concise information so that the students could understand and appreciate the hard work and perseverance of each office to pursue these kinds of activities.

Human Issues

The MRC or the Media Resource Center was the concerned office where the online information board system will be applied. In terms of technical capacity, the employees assigned in the office have a background or knowledge in using the computers such as encoding. There were 4 staffs inside the Media Resource Center but only one staff is in-charge in managing the website. Staffs, students and faculties who lack knowledge in using the computer were one of the factors being considered. But, if this system is developed and implemented, it would be easy for the students to know about the upcoming events and announcements of the school.

Financial Issues

This issue includes the cost and the equipments needed in this system. The MRC has computers and connection to the internet. Their computer has a maximum memory of one (1) GB ram. SCHOOL information Board System could be put in the World Wide Web through web hosting or manually installed it on the computer. If web hosting is chosen, then it would be convenient because of less expense for the personnel in-charge while in manually installed program, the personnel have a monthly payment to maintain and track the system.

Technology Constraints

The MRC has a computer and internet connection to access the information. Technical trouble in the system occurs when they cannot avail information in the website. Trouble shooting is handled by the system’s correct processes to determine the errors.

Project Strategy

In making this project, the first step we did is planning the title. In this phase, we generate the title of our system and present it to our instructor. We went to Taculing library for references. We conducted an interview after, we did a group research about the sequence of each chapter.  The knowledge of the research we had is being applied to our documentation. For finalization of documents, we consulted a grammarian and computer expert.

Second step is designing the system interface based on our documents and we made it as an actual output by designing our interface. Using macromedia Dreamweaver in PHP language and could be access through XAMPP. These kinds of software applications were used to have a simple but presentable program.

Third step is the development. It is the actual creation or concretely building the concept that starts it based on our interface design. The team leader delegates the task to the team members to do their respective responsibilities. This is where the coding is applied using PHP with XAMPP.

Fourth step is testing. This is where the system is being tested if it is free from errors. It is important to check the system in compliance with the information being displayed in the output.

Fifth step is implementation. The implementation should be done in compliance with all the specific guidelines and regulations. It is essential to have these kinds of guidelines in order to be understood by the users in as far as the main goal of our system is concerned. Regulations are but part of the implementation that should be followed.

Final step is maintenance. Maintenance service is provided to make sure that the product or service keeps on performing as expected. It is usually secured within a specified and agreed period of time.

Project Documentation and Communication

The team leader had the overall duty to segregate the tasks and responsibilities of each member. The members did their tasks according to what was assigned to them. And frequently we would first have had our brainstorming before starting our activity we.

We had conducted a research on the internet about the different chapters and prepared some questions to be answered by the SSG. It showed that the SSG organized their schedule in logical or sequential management system to know what would be the prioritized activity and eventually performed it during the school day. The activities handled by the SSG were: First the Leadership Training that was given to the elected and appointees. Second, Initiation for the first year students as a sign of welcome. Lastly, the Foundation Week that was celebrated the whole week celebration by all departments with their corresponding activities. Guidance office was the one responsible for the entrance examination of the incoming first year students that was usually done in the month of April and would eventually give its results in May.

Project Organization and Staffing Approach

Every group project is composed of an individual that actively participates in every task that is assigned to him by the group leader. The project team organization was designed to maximize the flexibility needed to deal with the implementation of a plan in the most efficient manner possible. This team did a great effort by doing their responsibilities to obtain and keep the necessary information.

Credits to the authors and developers of the project.

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