Online Grading System with Grade Inquiry Chapter 3, 4 and 5

Online Grading System with Grade Inquiry Chapter 3, 4 and 5


Tools and Materials. The programming Language used was PHP, a server type programming which is suitable for the creation of the web pages, Macromedia Dreamweaver for the coding and designing of the interface of the proposed system. WAMP server(Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) for the hosting of the project locally and for the development of the database. Adobe Photoshop for the graphics design of the proposed system and Microsoft office for the reports and Data Gathering and Procedure. The researchers conducted a personal interview to the registrar of the Name of School to ask some information for the system to be developed. Some literature were also consulted in the internet, books and tutorials that are conducive in developing the system. The researchers have visited library to have detailed research and also read different materials that are relevant to the study being conducted. And later, chose the best- printed materials from those gathered information that would best serve in helping out the researchers in developing the website.

Strategy and Planning. The descriptive method of research was used for this study. Information regarding the process of grade distribution of the campus registrar of the Name of School was gathered. The researchers planned a strategic way for the benefits of Name of School. First, they gathered information and conducted an interview to seek permission for the implementation of the website. They get the history of the institution and existing problem about the process of their grading system. A software requirement for development of the Online Grade Inquiry System was identified and was utilized in order to make the system into reality. Other related data and studies were also gathered to support the proposed system. Interview was also done to have some information on problems occurring in the distribution of grades. A questionnaire was also used to evaluate the system. Requirement Analysis After the researchers gathered all information needed in Name of School, they analyzed the system in developing new model from the existing system of the institution. The researchers construct new idea in developing new system based on the gathered data, problems that will find solution on encoding of grades and inquiry of students manually. They reviewed well all the necessary requirements to meet the desired idea for the new system to be developed.

Design and Development. They create the system in accordance to Name of School Grading system process. The requirement specifications from first phase are studied in these phase and system design is prepared. The purpose of the system design is to create a technical solution that satisfies the functional requirements for the system of Name of School. Codified Project Management Frameworks The researcher used Codified Project Management Framework because it is more often focus on the use of technology to enable, store, index, and retrieve. Thus the framework shows the systematically arranged with a part that is cut off or separated from the whole rather portion in a life cycle way with continuous flow.

ONLINE GRADE INQUIRY DEVELOPMENT PROCESS After citing the necessary software needed the researcher had installed it on a computer system.

  1. Installing Macromedia Dreamweaver Macromedia Dreamweaver is the software used in designing the project. Moreover this software was used in coding in order to realized the final output of the system.
  2. Installation of WAMP Server In order to build and realized the code written and the design in macromedia dream weaver, the software responsible in handling the database in order to create different tables for the fields, is the WAMP Server (Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) a local server software package allowing this online grade inquiry system project to host locally and it is responsible in storing the database as well as in building tables for the different fields that was required in the system.
  3. Selection System GUI (Graphic User Interface) Template and Re-coding 4. Coding Procedure Cascading Style Sheet Re-coding

Coding a script parameter that would serve as an anti-injections for SQL exploit. Coding the sign in forms.

Coding the sign up form. Saving Records in PHPMyAdmin database.

  1. Deployment and Hosting In this phase, the system was implemented. They also start testing it, explain how to use or operate the system. It also includes the maintaining all solutions that fixed all the problems. The system applicability and the functionality was tested after uploading in sub domain sites that offers frees hosting. The software used for uploading the system was the FileZilla, software that was responsible to upload the project in the free hosting site. The final output of the uploaded project was managed on the directory of the free hosting site. The free webservice name used was the .

In this phase, the researcher maintained the system’s availability and performance in executing the work for which it was designed is maintained through the cpanel of the hosting site. Testing and Operating Procedure During the test of the website, the technical person as well tested if the intended output meets the desired performance of the online grade encoding and inquiry system via WEBSITE technology or via a phone. Maintaining the system is always the priority, when errors occurred such debugging during the implementation. It has an error handler to avoid termination of the system. Since the system was online and the teachers are about to encode the grades of their students via website technology, the students can inquire their grades automatically. EVALUATION QUESTIONAIRE Dear Respondents:

The purpose of this questionnaire is to assess the Online Grade Inquiry System base on its Accessibility, Navigation, Design, Content and Security. Kindly answer the following question truthfully and rest assured that all information gathered would be kept confidential. Direction: Kindly check (√) the appropriate box that corresponds to your assessment using the following: Rating Interpretation Label 5 Excellent E 4 Very Satisfactory VS 3 Satisfactory S 2 Need Improvement NI 1 Poor P 1 2 3 4 5

Accessibility of the website

  1. Is content structurally separated from navigational element?
  2. How easy is it to understand each links on the home page?
  3. How easy is it to find information while browsing on the website?
  4. Is the student able to register and update information in the website?
  5. Can you access the website tested in any web browsers?

Navigation of the website

  1. Are links labeled with anchor text and textboxes (like username, email and password) provides a clear indication of where they lead?
  2. How sensitive is the system when links are clicked?
  3. Are links easily recognizable based on its functionality?
  4. Buttons/links like texts and images are identifiable?
  5. Are the text used readable based on type face and font size for different browsers?

Design of the website

  1. Is the site’s design aesthetically appealing?
  2. Is the design user-friendly?
  3. Buttons/links like texts and images are recognizable?
  4. Based on your experience how would you rate the appeal of this website?

Content of the website

  1. Is the site informative for students based on personal and employment history?
  2. How easy was it to understand the information on every page of the website?
  3. The information is up to date.

Security of the Website

  1. Security level for editing information is reliable?
  2. Is user’s account secured?
  3. Is user’s registration secured? _______________________ Signature over printed name


Name of School Online Grade Inquiry System was realized with the used of Macromedia Dreamweaver, PHP MySQL and the WAMP server. The main purpose of this system is to offer services to the students by means of a website that will allow registrar and teacher to encode student grades online and allow students view their grades online at the same. The system provides an auto responsive design which means the system can be viewed and navigated easily using a regular internet capable phone or a computer. System GUI (Graphic User Interface) as viewed using a regular computer

GUI as viewed in a regular mobile android phone. There are three user level controls in the main window of the system in order to access the system, namely the admin or registrar, the teacher and the student.

The mechanism on how the Online Grade Inquiry manipulation was cascaded into three common users, the student, the registrar and the instructor. In the administration part, the Registrar will input his username and password. If his username and password are correct he/she can then access his/her own panel in the website. See figure below. Register Panel Menu Registrar Tasks Task of the registrar were distributed on his/her panel. The maintenance panel , adding subjects, load subjects, register students, register instructors. In loading subjects to the students, the registrar load first the subjects of the students, school year and semester to continue. If the Registrar clicked the teacher list menu, he can view the entire teacher’s lists that are registered to the system. The Registrar can also add students grade incase the instructor was not present and fail to encode the grades online for himself. If the Registrar click the add button, he can access to add teacher form. The Registrar just needs to type the last name, first name, middle name, contact number, and id number of the teacher so that the teacher can access to online grade encoding system. The Registrar can also edit all the information. For adding student, the Registrar should type the student’s last name, first name, middle name, address, year, course, email and most especially the contact number. On grade encoding, the job was also set to on the part of the instructors. The online system was also for the instructors to encode grades. They can also modify their details encoded by the registrar. The instructor will log in their username and unique password. After that, they will input the access code given by the Registrar for additional security. Then, the instructor will start encoding the grades of students; they encode the grade by choosing the subject, course, year and section. Once the instructor finish encoding, he should check the encoded grades in case they have errors. Then click the submit button to submit the grades. When the instructor log out his account, the subject which he encoded grade will automatically remove from his list of subject.


The study entitled “Online Grade Inquiry System” was conducted to to provide easy access for the students in viewing their grades. The system developed was in a form of a website where end users like registrar , students and teacher can login using their login credentials. The site was developed using HTML5/CSS/JAVASCRIPT as frontend and PHP as backend. Tools used during the development were the Dreamweaver and Script Editor. On local testing , the researcher utilize the WAMPP server in managing the database content and then later utilize the cpanel of the free hosting site after the site was uploaded and tested online. The system enables the registrar as the admin control and allows him/her to managed student records, teacher records, subject list and more. Teachers were given unique username and password to gain access in the system. The teacher’s role in the system was solely to input student’s grade and customize his/her own profile. Moreover, students were also given login credentials one by one or they can register for their own account. After registration their account will be put on queue in the online database system waiting for confirmation. If the account will be activated notice will be sent directly to the sent through the email account they’ve used during registration. The finished Online Grade Inquiry system had undergone evaluation based on predefined set of criteria’s stipulated on the questionnaire. Thereafter, the results of the evaluation rated the Online Grade Inquiry System with a rating 4.82 as general rating score.

Conclusion. The researcher concludes that the Online Grade Inquiry System was indeed feasible to be implemented in the campus. Moreover, it was proven that the system can let students view their grades anywhere as long as the grade was already encoded or uploaded by the concern instructor or the registrar.

Recommendation. The researcher further recommends that the developed Online Grade Inquiry System needs to be studied more and enhance more in terms of its function technicalities for there might be more to be consider on it before adopting and fully implementing it on the campus. It was also recommended that the system will be hosted in a regular domain to further test the system in terms of reliability.

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