Mobile Based Surveillance Monitoring System

Mobile Based Surveillance Monitoring System


Surveillance Camera are video cameras used for the purposed of observing an area. They are often connected to a recording device, IP network, and/or watched by a security personnel/law enforcement officer. Video Surveillance Systems consist of cameras placed in areas where they can monitor activity as it takes place.  These cameras may include features like pan, tilt, and zoom; may be placed in outdoor or indoor locations; and may include infrared recording options. Most cameras are used with recording systems, either VCR’s or digital recorders.  Using a digital recorder is the preferred option for easy storage, easy recall, and easy viewing over different monitors.

Mobile Based Surveillance Monitoring System
Mobile Based Surveillance Monitoring System

Video Surveillance recording systems are still often used at modern launch sites to record the flight of the rockets, in order to find the possible causes of malfunctions. Video Surveillance System is one of the most effective devices that can be used for monitoring the behavior activities or other changing information, usually of the people and often in surreptitious manner.

Student behavior is a problem that cannot be regarded as trivial. The problem of students bringing weapons to school is an issue that will not go away by itself. School children are harming each other with regularity. The problems are particularly acute and are complicated by their connection to the prevalence of poverty, crime, and despair.

Installing video surveillance system will help students focus on their studies and not make them worry about outside violence. These installations represent a huge amount of video to transmit, view and archive, making it impossible for a human monitor to analyze all of these video recordings in order to detect suspicious behavior or events. This is especially true since security control center personnel are also required to manage other tasks, such as access control, issuance of badges/keys/permits, handling emergency calls, following up on fire alarms, radio communications control, etc.

With video surveillance applications over school campuses it is important to focus on areas that are of key importance. These are the key security risk areas that should be monitored at all times without changing camera position. It is also important that video surveillance cameras used in these areas are of high quality so that proper identification can be made easily. With the added benefits of video surveillance including centralized management capabilities and high resolution capable cameras, a safe and secure environment can be created where students and faculty can focus on education without the worry of feeling unsafe or unprotected.

OBJECTIVE of the study

The main objective of the study is to design and develop a surveillance system that can be accessed through a mobile device.



This analysis/ research will help the students to feel safe inside the school; they can concentrate/focus on their studies without bothering on what could possibly happen to them while they are in the school vicinity.

With the help of this study the security of the students inside the campus will be intensively monitored by the use of the security system installed within the school campus. Students may be less inclined to cause trouble because of the solid documentation that the video recordings provide.

School Administrators / Universities

When school campuses provide a video surveillance system for their security, it will become a peaceful, conducive and friendly school environment. It will maintain the peace of mind of the School administrators or staff inside the school campus. School will easily secure the safety of the students enrolled. Another thing is video surveillance security system will help the school officials to find the performance evaluation of their employee. This system will also use to lessen or decrease the property damages such as vandalism and theft; far too often the administration can only react to vandalism with time-consuming, seldom successful and often fruitless attempts to identify the perpetrators.


This study serves as a major part of the course requirement as it has developed their skills in terms of self-esteem, time management, practicality, strategic planning and patience. Hence, they are able to obtain the necessary information on time and reporting it in the most presentable manner they can. This study can be effective tool for reference to know how to make the schools safer.

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