Mobile Based Expense Manager Application

Mobile Based Expense Manager Application

Proposed System

The researchers of the system entitled “Mobile Based Expense Manager Application” is develop a better way to manage people expenses through mobility. It is an application that will keep track of user’s personal expenses; this includes also the users’ monthly income. The researchers aimed to provide an efficient application that could manage user’s expenses well and also an advantageous application that could monitor the day to day expenses so that users will spend their money in the right way. Through this application users can now budget their expenses without the worry of having enough money. When it comes to managing money, this application would be a great help, users can now able to manage their finances and expenses properly and correctly.

Mobile Based Expense Manager Application
Mobile Based Expense Manager Application

Budgeting correctly, monitoring finances and expenses is really important since it talks about money. Managing all of that would be a bit tiring and hard particularly when you doing it manually. That is the reason why the proponents of the said system made some improvement that the current system lacks of. From system that makes people exert a lot of effort to error and effort free solution. The proposed Mobile Based Manager Application can keep track of users expenses income, and some other decent budgeting tools. The application provides a like spreadsheet so that user can record their daily expenses and for them to identify how much they spent in a day or in a month. Users can able to set an expense limit for a day and if ever they exceeds on that they will be notify. Users can retrieve or review their expenses they spent for a month.

System implementation

Mobile Based Expense Manager Application was presented for the end users. A representative from the group of the researchers provided questionnaire to answer relevant questions related to the system, clarification for the development of the system and difficulties that could be encountered upon operating the system. Mobile Based Expense Manager Application was developed by the great researchers to fill the gap that current system manual system lacks in operating. This would make users’ expense management much easier and handy.

Objectives of the study

The very objective of this study is to provide a mobile based application platform for managing expenses in order for the users to determine how much they typically spend and to identify a best ways to save their moneys. This project is also aimed to develop a simple and friendly expenses application so that users would feel complicated upon using it. Another purpose of this project is to create a system that would help users manage their expenses conveniently.

Significance of the study

The user and the proponents will gain benefit out from this system.

User: This project was totally targeted users, thus user will gain more benefit from this. Through using this app user will determine where and how they spend their money. They can monitor their everyday expenses wherever they are since this is handier. They also take control on their expenses. This app will make users to properly spend their money nothing they can now spend it in a right way.

Proponents: if this study flourishes, the proponents will definitely benefit from it. This study will enhance their ability to make easy ways on people’s problem; it also enhances their understanding and knowledge about the research they proposed.

Project plan/SDLC

In this study the researchers used software development life cycle. This consists the six cycles.

First: requirements determination. In this cycle the researcher will determine the entire required requirement for the proposed system. This is where the researcher’s choose requirements whether its software or hardware is to be used.

Second: data gathering. Gathering data is important when come to research. So in this cycle the researcher will conduct interview to the management office to gather relevant data that is important for the development of the system.

Third: data analyzing: after the researchers gather all the data they will now have to analyze it for them to identify the necessary information in the development of the system and to provide feasible solution to it.

Fourth: designing. The design of the system was specified by the desire futures. The researcher defined the specification and operation in detailed they also made a conceptual model of user requirements.

Fifth: coding. In this cycle the researchers will encodes all the possible codes and with the guide of technical expert to check if there are errors or not and to debug if the program will successfully run. They test the system using incorrect data in order to determine the reliability of the system. Maintaining the system is also a part of it.

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