Graduate Tracer Study Application Review of Related Literature

Graduate Tracer Study Application Review of Related Literature

The project entitled Graduate Tracer Study Application is an online platform that will be used to gather and archive the information of the graduates, this study is somewhat similar or related to alumni information system. the said project was designed and developed in PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap.

Graduate Tracer Study Application Review of Related Literature
Graduate Tracer Study Application Review of Related Literature


This chapter contains the review of related literature, related studies and prior arts, which include the related readings, related literature and related studies (foreign and local studies). It also includes the synthesis of Graduate Tracer. This will give fully understanding of the research to be done.

A Tracer Study on the Employment Status

According to the researcher Edward Deming (n.d.), the tracer study is an approach which widely being used in most organization especially in the educational institutions to track and to keep record of their students once they have graduated from the institution. Through tracer study, an institution able to evaluate the quality of education given to their graduates by knowing the graduates placements and positions in the society.

A tracer study of BSHRM Graduates of NEUST (Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology)

According to Kebedom (2010), tracing graduates is to examine the adequacy if one particular institution provides for manpower needs of all sectors. And to attain this purpose, the level of employment and unemployment situation of graduates, relevance, and competence of graduate employees, employer perception, both graduates and employer feelings were about to deemed. As stated by, graduate tracer study also aim to demonstrate the success of education and training to the graduates and employers, to find out how the graduates obtained their first job, to determine whether their work assignment are related to their field of study and to indicate possible deficits in a given educational program and serve as basis for future planning activities.

Tracer study was perceived as useful to improve the learning process, and building alumni network. It’s good that we can improve curriculum based on input from graduates and stakeholder. Alumni database is including the availability and quality.  It’s always good to know where the graduates located and work.

Graduate Tracer Study for CPU College of Computer

According to CHED IQUAME Primer (n.d.), the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) is conducting a comprehensive study that requires all HEI’s to do individual graduate tracer studies on their respective alumni. The result of the research will become a tool in pursuant to the envisioned upgrading of the educational system in the country.

The process is more searching, because the account must be reflective, and provide a justification of why things are done in a way that it has been chosen. Effectiveness of process has to be demonstrated, in relation to intended outcomes. Factual data is still required, but to support a case that a department is performing effectively, rather than as end itself. For example a department must decide whether a particular set of data is relevant to a demonstration of effectiveness, rather than providing it simply because it has been required.

Exploring the Tracer Study in Career Centre website in Indonesia

As cited in Exploring the Tracer Study in Career Centre website in Indonesia (2013), tracer study is used by universities to determine the success of the educational process that has been done towards their students. Tracer study also provides information to college, like year graduated, got a job waiting period, the first salary to work, first job, the relevance of the curriculum to the work, and compliance with the major areas of work taken in college. Graduate Tracer Studies constitute an important tool for educational planners, as they can provide valuable information for evaluating the results of the higher education and training institutions. This information may be used for minimizing any possible deficits in a given educational programme in terms of content, delivery and relevance and for further development of the institution in the content of quality assurance.

Graduate Tracer Study of University of Mauritius (UoM) and University of Technology Mauritius (UTM)

According to Graduate Tracer Study of University of Mauritius (UoM) and University of Technology Mauritius (UTM) 2011), mentioned that the main objectives of the study were to trace the destination of the graduates since they left the university with a view to establish among others their current activity, utilization of skills, level of employment, unemployment and underemployment, labor mobility and job satisfaction. Tracer study also aimed to assess the contribution of the university training to graduates personal development as well as the quality of the programmes of study in terms of content, delivery and relevance to the world of work.

Tracer survey of College of Agriculture University of Los Baῆos

According to Nelita M. Lalican (2012), “Tracer survey of Agriculture Graduate” was to assess its curriculum and discuss the relevance of its productivity with the present condition. In the findings of the study found out that, employers prefer specialists rather than generalists and graduates knowledgeable dependable and resourceful however many employers describe UPLB graduates as academically inclined, having a know it-all attitude although with assertive personality.

Graduate tracer of the University of Dar es Salaam

According to Kaijage (n.d.), the study concluded that the knowledge and skills that the graduates obtained from the university were relevant to their jobs. But it also suggested that changes should be made to the programme.    In South Africa, Stilwell conducted a survey of alumni perceptions of the post-graduate ILS (Information and Library Science programme at the University of Natal). Critical issues, such as balancing the human centered approach with IT, were identified. The findings of the study indicated that the programme achieved its outcomes because it prepared alumni well for the work place. Ocholla’s tracer study of LIS Graduates determined whether the skills and attitudes they gained during their training at the University of Zululand applied in their jobs. The results of the study indicate that graduates obtained sufficient knowledge from the degree programme.

The Ateneo De Davao University Graduate Tracer: An Online Tool for Graduate Tracer Studies

According to M. Shaw (2010), graduate tracer studies provide important information that will help educational institutions assess the attainment of its vision, mission and goals. An Online Tool for Graduate Tracer Studies it is a web application that also allows the users to create custom tracer surveys applicable to their own contexts. With the iterative systems development as the chosen research framework, feedback gathered from the pre-tests and the prototyping generated relevant contributions to the development of the graduate tracer tool.

Online Alumni Tracking System

According to Schomburg (n.d.), note that graduate surveys are popular for “analysis of the relationship between higher education and work”. They provide quantitative structural data on employment and career, the character of work and related competencies, and information on the professional orientation and experiences of their graduates

The Online Tracking of Ramon Torres National High School graduates, covers the alumni to have an online registration, user account and profile. Each registered Alumna and Alumnus has its own username and password for access and to ensure security. Alumna/Alumnus profile can be search and view by their co-Alumna/Alumnus. It designed for those graduates that would like to submit or engage themselves to use the system. The system limits the access of the Alumni account when there is no internet connectivity. In education research the tracer study is sometimes referred to as a graduate or Alumni survey since its target group is former students.

Alumni tracking system of Divine Word College of Laoag

According to Mercado (2010), the most important objective of college education is employment. Most parents send their children in college with the hope that after graduation their children will be able to find a stable and decent job. A graduate tracer study is mainly a survey intended to trace graduates from their school origin to their place of employment or self-employment. Tracer Study is envisioned by Commission on Higher Education (CHED) to perform institutional analysis of the factors determining employability, the competencies/skills that should be developed, the hiring areas of graduates of various programs and identification of the most responsive or in demand course based on the job waiting time of graduates.


Based on study of different related literature and studies, and Prior Art it provides great information on proposed project study entitled “Web Based Graduate Tracer Application”. The researchers conclude that the alumni tracers’ study provide the good relationship between the alumni and College as well as extending communication between alumni from various School where they graduated, thus the researchers came up with an idea of creating an alumni tracer system. Through this studies it will help and guide us to develop the Web Based Graduate Tracer Application

Credits to the authors and developers of the study/project.

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