Courier Management System Capstone Project

Courier Management System Capstone Project

The capstone project entitled “Courier Management System” is an online platform designed and developed in PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap. The purpose of this study is to automate the processes and records management of transporting an item from one place to another.

Courier Management System Capstone Project
Courier Management System Capstone Project


The Courier Management System is intended for a business who offers delivery services. The system will help a courier business to manage their customers’ parcels or package details. The system will serve as a platform wherein routing, scheduling and tracking of delivery will take place. The system will also have a feature wherein the client will be updated and can track the movement of the parcels.

At this point of time, e-commerce has become a trend and along with this are delivery services that became part of our everyday life. Most of us are buying online and the sellers online are relying to couriers to deliver our items fast and secured. Without having an efficient courier, problems such as late deliveries, items delivered in an unacceptable condition, and other related issues that will put your business in a bad name would occur.

To address the aforementioned issues that would be possibly encountered in courier businesses, the project, Courier Management System would address the issues. The system would help the courier businesses to have an effective management tool to deliver the packages of the clients. The system will be used in planning the routes of the delivery, tracking and scheduling of the couriered items, analyzing courier performance, and updating customers. The system will also serve as a platform wherein information about the package to be delivered will be accessed by the customer or owner of the parcel. By using the system, the client can monitor movement of the couriered item.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective – the main purpose of the capstone project is to design and develop a database system that will properly monitor and records the transactions in a courier business.

Specifically the capstone project aims the following:

  1. The system will help in managing for the fast delivery of the couriered items.
  2. The system would help the clients track and monitor the movement of the delivery.
  3. The system would help in planning and optimizing delivery routes for fast and low-cost delivery.
  4. The system will provide updates to the customer about the status of the delivery.

Significance of the Study

Courier Businesses/Management. This would help them to have an efficient services to the clients. Using the system can ensure them to deliver the products as fast as they can and in good conditions. This would help them gain a good reputation which online businesses that needs delivery services would rely on.

Online Sellers. The system would benefit them by letting the courier that they have chosen to deliver the product to their customers fast and secured. They can also monitor the movement of the parcel.

Customers. The system will help to ensure the customers that their products would be delivered to them as soon as possible and is inacceptable condition. Also, they would receive updates about the status of their parcels.

Researchers. This is an opportunity for the researchers to use their skills in programming, web development and database design and techniques.

Future Researchers. The capstone project may be upgraded by the next batch of researchers based on the needs and additional requirements of their clients.

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