Barcode Based Attendance System Chapter 1 Documentation

Barcode Based Attendance System Chapter 1 Documentation

Chapter 1


The technology has grown so fast; it changes the way we do our daily task. Technology has made our daily lives easier. Giving a way for technology gives us knowledge in improving or innovate how we collect information in a creative way. Currently, the process of monitoring the attendance of every student is done manually, where in activity cards, listing attendance in a sheet of paper are only use in monitoring the attendance of every student. Having this work done all over again seems to be tedious and time consuming. With these methods, errors, redundancy and discrepancies are inevitable. The assigned Student Body Organization members of each class require students to sign their names on a piece of paper as a proof of their attendance in a particular activity prior to start the program/activity. The queues of students in the registration area cause the delay and reliability of monitoring the attendance. Miscommunication is another problem of the student body organization. Students complain that why they are marked absent since they were not informed about the activity.

Barcode Based Attendance System Chapter 1 Documentation
Barcode Based Attendance System Chapter 1 Documentation

Notwithstanding the tedious workload imposed to the Student Body Organization (SBO) members. Hence, the Student Body Organization (SBO) deemed the need of an information system that will resolved the aforementioned issues and embarked on various information and communication technology. Another problem that the student body organization is facing now is the consolidation of the report of the attendance of the students. During the signing of the clearance many students complains that they are marked absent although they are present during the activity and vice versa. Due to the unreliable reports of attendance monitoring and unreliable monitoring of student’s attendance the researcher was able to come up with a solution to solve the problems.

In addition, the system will utilize the barcode scanning technology. Barcode  Identification  is  one  of  the  automatic identification  technologies  more  in  vogue nowadays.  A barcode is  an  optical machine-readable representation that contain data relating to  the  object  in  which  it  is  attached.  Initially barcodes  were  systematically  use  to  represent data  by  changing  the  widths  and  spacing  of parallel lines, and this kind of pattern is referred to as  linear or one-dimensional (1D). Later they emerge into rectangles, dots, hexagons and other geometric patterns in two dimensions (2D).

With these solutions, it would be a better option to migrate the manual method of attendance into a database driven application that will efficiently and effectively enhance the process of attendance monitoring and records management.

Objectives of the Study

General Objectives

The aim of the study is to design, develop and implement a barcode based attendance system for every events of the institution.

Specifically it aims to:

  • Easily and fast tracking of student’s attendance in every activity.
  • To minimize time consumption of finding attendance in a sheet of paper.
  • To minimize time consumption in signing of student’s activity attendance sheet.
  • To provide a graph to monitor the most attending students in every school activity.
  • To monitor each student who are present or absent during the activity.
  • To secure the students attendance in every school activity.

Statement of the Problem

The current method of record keeping and reports generation in monitoring the student’s attendance for every activity of the school is a major concern of the Student Body Organization. The said organization is the one responsible for collecting the attendance that will be the basis of clearance signing.

Considering the number of students and the officers of the Student Body Organization, it would be very difficult for them to manage the attendance for every activity since they are outnumbered and still using the pen and paper method which is very time consuming and can be easily manipulated.

Furthermore, the records of attendance in paper format is not quite secure and it requires another time for Student Body Organization to record, archive and produce a report.

With the identified problems, the Student Body Organization together with the researchers will look for a solution that can resolve those issues and that’s why we came up to study and design an information system that will manage the transactions.

Significance of the Study

This study will be beneficial to the following:

The Students. This will give student a convenient way in registering in every school activity. This will help to easily monitor the student from being not attending school activity.

Student Body Organization. The officers will be able to accurately monitor student attendance in every school activity. This will also help them during the signing of clearance.

The Department and Management. With this system the department chairman can have updates regarding the attendance of every student in school activities.

Scope and Limitation

The aim of this study is to design and develop an event attendance management system for the Student Body Organization that will replace the manual method of attendance into a database oriented information system. This study will only include the attendance of students for every event or an activity conducted by the school and does not include the attendance of students in the classroom setting. In addition, the proposed system will only work in the local area network of the school which means that it is not an online system; the said system will work even if there is no internet connection.

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