Airline Ticket Reservation System Capstone Project

Airline Ticket Reservation System Capstone Project

People nowadays are fond of using technology for their convenience. People always wanted to get work done in the fastest manner. One of these is the booking of tickets. They would probably utilize a system that would help them in the most convenient way. Along with this, the researchers of the system entitled Airline Ticket Reservation aimed to provide travellers a platform where they can book their tickets ahead of time in a fast, accurate and a hassle-free manner. The system has two sides the users’ side and the admin side. The users are the clients who are in search of available flights. The admins are the one who are responsible for managing the flight schedules for a particular cities and book tickets in the class of the customer’s choice.

Airline Ticket Reservation System Capstone Project
Airline Ticket Reservation System Capstone Project

In this proposed system, the researcher aimed to improve the manual set up of booking flight tickets. In this system, the customers or the users just need to log in their accounts for them to be able to browse available flight schedules and to book for their flights. Booking flights using this system doesn’t requires so much time and effort.

System Implementation

Through the proposed system, bookings of tickets are easily done. The customers and the management will have a better way of transacting with each other. This system aimed to let the users experience its best to an extent so the researchers of this project will present this to the end users. The researchers would provide questionnaire to the users. The users will provide answer to those questions for clarification and difficulties they might encounter. Through this the system will further enhance and improve its operation.

Objectives of the Study

  1. To create a system that is very accessible by the users.
  2. To provide a platform that is very convenient for flight ticket booking queries.
  3. To let the management easily update the availability of their flights and bookings.
  4. To provide fast, accurate and efficient way of booking tickets.
  5. To provide accurate and up-to-date information to the users.

Significance of the Study

The following individuals or groups will benefit from this project:

Admin/Management. The success of this project will benefit the administrators. It will be easier for them to view and manage the users, add/modify the flight schedule, view the booked ticket and manage different flight details.

Users/Customers. The users who want to book flights will have the convenient way to do it through this system. They don’t need to exert so much effort just to book their tickets. All they need to do is to utilize this system for browsing available flights and booking tickets.

Proponents. If this system become successful, the researcher will thoroughly know the functionality of their system and how it works well.

Project Plan/ SDLC

The researchers of this project use Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). For this project, the researchers utilizes the six steps which are; determining the project requirement, gathering of data, analyzing of data, system design and the coding phase.

First, the researchers determine the requirements needed for the system. The researcher will decide what hardware and software will be use in the system.

After the researchers determine the project requirements, it is time for them to talk to the management office to gather information and important details needed for the system.

Right after gathering information the researchers will analyze the data to determine the necessary information needed for the system.

Once, the researchers have the clear and detailed product requirements, it is time to design the complete system. The system design will have the understanding and detailing the complete hardware and communication setup for the product under development.

Lastly, after designing the system the coding phase will start.The coding is performed based on the coding guidelines and standards. The code goes through numerous code reviews and is optimized for best performance before the final phase of the system.

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