Magnetic-based Door Lock Security System using Face ID w/ SMS Notification

Magnetic-based Door Lock Security System using Face ID w/ SMS Notification


Nowadays, crimes are everywhere. Even housebreaking involve in this kind of crime, there are factors why these crimes are happening around us. Most of it caused by carelessness and lack of motivations to verify the security of the house/building. House or building security has become one of the most important issues to deal with. Security is the primary concern in our daily life. Every one of us wants to be secured as much as possible. It became an important issue, that’s why a lot of security systems have been in purpose such as recognition especially for building/houses access controls. Face recognition is one example of process that improves the security application.

The human face plays an important role in our social interaction, conveying people’s identity. Using face ID recognition as a key of security. It will strengthen the home/room security because it is a system designed for Anti- Theft. If some intruders with the malicious behavior will attempt to enter the house they cannot easily enter the house. Face image will be captured and if they will not be recognized the SMS notification will be received by the owner saying that someone is attempting to enter the house and it will send the captured image of the person. It will also serves as the discouragement of crime purpose because the face image have been recorded it can later help to identify a person. By adding SMS notification and security camera systems you can dramatically increase your security and safety.

As compared with other biometrics systems using fingerprint palm print and iris, face recognition has distinct advantages because of its non-contact process. Face images can be captured from a distance without touching the person being identified, and the identification does not require interacting with the person.

This device is composed of a Desktop PC, Arduino, Huawei Broadband (GSM Module), A4tech Camera, Speaker and Magnetic Door lock. It is cheap and user friendly. The main importance of this study is to add security in every home or in small establishments with small population. It is very useful because it has the SMS notification so the household can be updated or be aware on what`s happening in their home or small establishment. There are many kinds of face recognition devices that are quite so expensive. Others cannot afford that, so the proponents conducted some research about face recognition and then they found out that some of these projects are used in their homes, in their rooms or in private places, so the proponents  combined all the our gathered data then they add security into the system, the magnetic door lock. So the group decided to make their own face recognition device, then they found out that we can make homemade face recognition with security system that is very affordable.

Objectives of the Study

This section presents the general and specific objectives of this study.

General Objective

The general objective of the study is to develop a MCU-based Door Lock Security System using Face ID w/ SMS Notification. This research is for home security and for all private establishments.

Specific Objectives

In order to attain the main objective of this research the following objectives were considered:

  1. To develop a face recognition device for the door lock security system.
  2. To integrate a GSM module for sending a text message.
  3. To identify the program software best suited for the face recognition device.
    • Visual Basic 6.0
    • OpenCV
    • Arduino Script
  4. To evaluate the acceptability of project using a standard evaluation criteria.
    • Functionality;
    • Reliability;
    • Usability;
    • Maintainability;
    • Portability;
    • Workability; and
    • Safety

Significance of the Study

The significance of the study can measure by how important a study is. The part that tells how the study would beneficial to specific people or parts of the society and how they could use it.

All Private Establishments. The private establishments like (banks, private offices, company) benefits of this study because it can limit how many person will enter the rooms/offices. The proposed system is developed & it is successfully ensuring the security.

Home Security. The project was developed and it is successfully ensuring security, managing records & operating door without physical interaction of owner. It will strengthen the home security because it is a system designed for Anti-Thief.

This will be beneficial in future researchers

As reference and can modify this study for improvements. Future Researchers can also add ways to advance this project to become much more useful & reliable and can also add new technology that give it more benefits to them.

Scope and Delimitation of the Study

The main purpose of this research is to develop an MCU-Based Door Lock Security System using Face ID w/ SMS is for home security purposes. The coverage of this study is to recognize a given frontal view face (a). All implemented systems must display a high degree of lighting invariance (b). All systems must possess near real-time performance (c). Frontal view face recognition will be realized using only a single known image from each individual (d). Automated face detection and recognition systems should be combined into a fully automated face detection and recognition system (e). The face recognition sub-system must display a slight degree of invariance to scaling and rotation errors in the segmented image extracted by the face detection sub-system (f). The frontal view face recognition system should be extended to a pose invariant face recognition system (g). A system that can send SMS to the owner when an unauthorized person intend to enter the property.

The following are the limitation of the study. The house has an assigned authorized user who could enter the house and have an access to the enclosure. Therefore, the system device will limit the usage and access on the house. The MCU-Based Door Lock Security System using Face ID w/ SMS Notification is for security purpose. Using this kind of system, it could record the time and date in the database.

(a) The device will not work without electricity. (b) The signal of the GSM module was limited and choose only the best network with high signal. (c) It has a delay before displaying the real time capturing of face.

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