Water Refilling Station Inventory and Monitoring System

Water Refilling Station Inventory and Monitoring System

List of Features


  1. Customer Details (create, update, delete customer information)
  2. Product Details (create, update, delete product/container information)
  3. Delivery Details (records of delivery to clients)

Reports and Transactions

  1. Inventory of Containers (real time inventory reports on products/containers and income)
  2. Daily Sales (Gross) (daily report on sales)
  3. Collection Report (collection of payment from clients)
  4. Accounts Receivable (amount to be collected from clients)


Gross Income = Cash + Accounts Receivables

Cash on Hand = Cash + Collection

Database Structure

tblCustomer (id, controlno, lastname, firstname, middlename, address, contactno, dateencoded, encodedby)

tblProduct (id, controlno, productname, category(container, pet bottles, accessories), qty, price, refillPrice, discount%, discountamount, dateencoded, encodedby)

tblDelivery (id, deliveryNo, datedelivered, nameOfDelivery, plateNo, customerID, dateencoded, encodedby)

  • tblDeliveryDetails (deliveryNo, productID, qty, amount, totalamount, status(returned, unreturned))

tblPayment (id, orno, paymentamount, change, customerID)

tblPOS (id, salesno, date, dateencoded, encodedby)

  • tblPOSDetails (salesno, productcontrolno, qty, refillprice, totalamount)

tblUser (id, username, password, fullname, contact, usertype(cashier, admin))

tblUserLog (id, userid, date, timein)

Menus of the System

File (Clear Records, My Account, Manage Users, Refresh, Logout, Exit)

Query (Customer, Product, Delivery Details, POS)

Reports (Inventory of Containers, Daily Sales (Gross), Collection Report, Accounts Receivable)

Software Development Tools

Web Based Version: PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap or using MEAN (Mongo, Express, Angular, NodeJS)

Lan Based Version: VB/VB.Net/C# and SQL Server/MySQL



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