Billing System in Visual Basic Free Source code

Billing System in Visual Basic Free Source code
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Billing System in Visual Basic Free Source code

the package contains the complete source code and database of the project.

Requirements Based on the Request of the users and employees who will use the system

User 1 from computer1 (personnel)-
will input details of customer
= start date and end date
= start time and end time
= location
= description
= manpower (headcount)
= man hour (
= attached receipt and other files. pdf of .gif or .jpg
User 2 from computer2 (billing dept.)-
will input cost or charge cost 1 = cost 2 = cost 3 = cost 4 = cost 5 = cost 6 = cost 7 = then the system will compute the total cost or charge please create option to input exchange rate dollar to peso, then peso to dollar.
then user 2 will print the billing. features: - autogenerate of invoice no. - printing of billing - generation of reports (costs, charges) - create(add),edit, update delete customer records - export customers billing records

Database Schema
tblUser (id, fullname, address, contact, username, password, usertype(personnel, billing))
tblCustomer (id, customNo, fullname, address, contact, description, manpower, hrswork, startdate, enddate, starttime, endtime, dateencoded, encodedby)
tblAttachedfile (id, customerid, remarks, dateencoded, encodedby)
tblBilling (id, invoiceno, customerid, amount, dateencoded, encodedby)
tblBillingInfo (id, invoiceno, chargename, cost)

Flow of the System
1. User 1 (personnel) will encode first all of the details of the customer, attached necessary files
2. User 2 (billing) will input the cost of charge for billing, print the billing
a. User 2 will be able update clients information
b. Add-on: the system has the feature to modify the exchange rate of dollar to peso or (peso to dollar.)
3. Admin and Accounting will review the data processed, print billing reports (by date, month, year)

Username: admin
Password: admin
Database Password (DataArchive): inventory

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