Abstract of OJT Monitoring System

Abstract of OJT Monitoring System

The capstone project entitled “OJT Monitoring System” is an online system designed and developed in PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap. It is a comprehensive information system intended to manage, record and track the progress of students in their On the Job Training course. The said project will be able to allow the students to post their daily task and accomplishment report on this platform. On the end of the teachers, this will serve as a communication tool to their students.

Abstract of OJT Monitoring System
Abstract of OJT Monitoring System

The primary objective of OJT Monitoring System was to replace the manual record keeping of student activities and reports on their respective assignments. Rapid Application Development was used as the software development life cycle, with this type of method; the researchers can create a sample program that will be presented to the target clientele.

OJT Monitoring System was evaluated by IT experts and tested by the end-users and the results showed that the said application is capable of replacing the manual process of recording for it will simplify the process of posting and checking of accomplishment report of the student. The researchers recommended to conduct trainings for the end-users to familiarize themselves to the features of the system and it was also recommended to conduct a further study on how to improve and maintain the OJT Monitoring System.

Keywords: On the Job Training System, OJT Monitoring System, Monitoring System of OJT

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