Social Networking Capstone Project Chapter 5 Documentation

Social Networking Capstone Project Chapter 5 Documentation



Summary of Findings

The Resume of study’s objective is to obtain the level of awareness of students, faculty and staff and conducting survey as a requirement to meet the user needs. Faster dissemination of information is applied. The feasibility study is evaluated by IT experts and considered valid. Thus, Social Networking System is approved. In Methodologies the researcher(s) select the Approach which is the Modified Waterfall.

Software development procedures obtained in the requirements phase, design phase, initial testing phase and final testing of the software. The respondents involved in the proposed   study is accomplished during the survey are 338 total respondents and this include student     and faculty and staff. And there are 338 respondents during the final testing of the software. Data are collected according to its usefulness to our study, here are the following data gathered by the researcher. In survey questionnaire we gather data by means of conducting the survey and the results of the survey is computed and shown in. Then, the data used for the content of the system are collegiate calendar, list of faculty and staff either full-time or part-time, pictures of , every Department Offices each faculty and staff also. List of upcoming events and activities, memorandum from the Student Services office and list of students who evaluate the system during the final testing pertinent findings obtained through accomplishing survey questionnaire and its results, McCalls Software Quality Model criteria for initial testing results is shown in appendix part of the documentation and user acceptance evaluation form for final testing results is shown in appendix.


Therefore, the study has met the user needs through a feasibility study that the researcher used the survey questionnaire for data gathering like identifying the possible user’s needs. The answer of the respondents then proceeds to computing their weighted means. The result of computation was then used as a basis for data analysis. . As we analysed the information gathered in the survey, we find this study beneficial and feasible that proves to be implemented, the possible users agreed that they are aware of Social Networking System. Based from the results of the User Acceptance Testing which considered as the Final Testing, the developed social networking system has been proved that it provides faster dissemination of information within, develops peer- to-peer relationship among the members of the system. Thus, questionnaire plays an important role in a system’s feasibility; it is used to measure the feasibility of the study and to gather important information from the possible users of the system which are the students, faculty, staff and school’s administration.

In general, the possible users agreed to adopt Social Networking System.


After a thorough analysis of data, we, the researchers recommend that the possible users of the system which are the students, faculty, staffs and administration could use the system for this is essential in such a way that it will helps in the collaboration of Community and will develop peer-to-peer relationship to its members.

It promotes academic conversation among its members that is important to the students as well as the faculty of the Institution and will serve as a new way of communication to the members, especially the stakeholders of the institution.

We recommend that the system is essential to be pursued in view of the fact that the system will contribute a lot of help to the school’s improvement and will aid members of the community to be known by others and as it competes to other prestigious institutions in terms of the utilization of technology.

Another reason for its advantage is that the results may be used by the future researchers that will have a study related to the development of a School Social Networking System. This study will used as a basis for the development of another system related to the system developed for future researchers may need previous setup in order to move on with their study.

Beneficiaries of the system also, may be able to know it’s importance and this will give them an idea on how the system evolved and developed. Though the mechanics may not be important for the beneficiaries, however, they may able to give importance and appreciate how the system was made for them.

The three research titles that the researchers can recommend to future researchers are the following:

  1. Inter-school virtual community
  2. Campus collaboration and messaging system
  3. The stakeholders community in general

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