RFID Based Attendance System Review of Related Literature

RFID Based Attendance System Review of Related Literature

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RFID stands for Radio-frequency identification it uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects.

The project entitled RFID Based Attendance System was developed in C#.Net and MySQL. This article will only discuss and list down the studies and systems related to this project.

RFID Based Attendance System Review of Related Literature
RFID Based Attendance System Review of Related Literature


This chapter deals with the different literature and studies based on different sources such as books and internet. The following related literature and studies may help the researchers to develop the proposed system.

Related Studies

On Student Monitoring using RFID

According to Kassim M. (2012), this paper describes the development of a student attendance system based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. The existing conventional attendance system requires students manually sign the attendance sheet every time they attend a class. Having a system that can automatically capture student’s attendance by flashing their student card at the RFID reader can really save all the mentioned troubles. This is the main motive of the system and in addition having an online system accessible anywhere and anytime can greatly help the lecturers to keep track of their students attendance looking at a bigger picture, deploying the system throughout the academic faculty will benefit the academic management as students attendance to classes is one of the key factor in improving the quality of teaching and monitoring their students performance. Besides, this system provides valuable online facilities to related academic management staffs especially for the purpose of students progress monitoring. (www.studymode.com)

RFID Technology Based Attendance Management System

According to Sumita Nainan and et.al (2013), the primary aim of the research is to uniquely identify individual students based on their unique tag identifiers. The research should shower light on how scalable and efficient the system is. A systematic and serialised approach is required to solve this conundrum. The key characteristics of the application include; Perform automated attendance, Generate report of attendees for a particular course, Error free tag identifier detection, Easy scalability to incorporate more records, Integrity and security in data storage.

This paper concentrates on the principal purpose to overcome the human errors while recording student attendance and the creation of a data centric student attendance database system with an improved overall efficiency.  (ijcsi.org)

Development of Student Monitoring System with the use of Low Frequency Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Short Messaging Service (SMS)

According to Rhowel M. Delosa (2011), this study aimed to develop a Student Monitoring System using low frequency Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Short Messaging Service (SMS) in order to keep track of the students within the school premises. A computer program is to be developed to interact with the system. A series of tests was conducted to prove the accuracy of the entire system. With the aid of Chi-square test, the researcher determined the significant difference between the observed and expected data. The developed software can capture and record the name, entry and exit time of students. Moreover, the developed software can monitor the entry and exit time, account balance and schedules of current classes of the student thru Short Messaging Service (SMS). Future studies related to the topic may focus on the use of high frequency radio frequency (RF) reader instead of low frequency radio frequency (RF) reader. This will facilitate convenience to the students by just wearing or hanging the identification card with RF tag every time the student enters and exits the school premises. (ejournals.ph)

Polytechnic University of the Philippines Student Monitoring using RFID with SMS Advisory

According to Rommel Del Rosario (2012), the purpose of this system is to monitor the arrival and departure of Polytechnic University of the Philippines students. The students will use their RFID card (Radio Frequency Identification) to enter in the school premises. The reader will detect if the RFID card is registered on the database of the school. The function of SMS (Sort Message Service) Advisory is it will give the parents the information regarding the time of the arrival and departure of their children in the PUP campus even though they are at home. Some features of this system are SMS Advisory and Announcement. (www.behance.net)

Student Monitoring System using RFID via Website and Android

     According to Kathy Dela Cruz and et.al (2014), this study has current issues like, parents are unable to monitor their children, youth computer addiction, peer pressure and students will be more adept on making excuses such as using the school activities as the reason without the proof that there are involve in the said activity. The proposed solution to the problem is a combination of Radio Frequency Identification system, Website and Android application.

The objectives of the study is to monitor the student’s time when entering or leaving the school, providing parents with the schools announcement, giving them an electronic document Parental Consent Form and the system also have its dynamic options such as changing school hours and alerting if a student is still inside the school premises late at night.

The study uses school website and android application as the communication tools for the parents. Hardware components such as RFID antenna will be installed in the school gate and RFID tags on the student’s ID. School computer server and android phones will be used for the software component. (prezi.com)

School of Information Technology Faculty Monitoring using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

According to Justin Lee and et.al (2013), this study was to improve the faculty monitoring of University of Baguio in School of Information Technology Department. This helps the Student Assistant to easily locate the Faculty Members if needed and can generate a summary report. This may also lessen the tardiness of Faculty Members.

RFID systems also provide good personal security access to confidential data’s. (ubsit-fms-rfid.weebly.com)

Prior Arts

RFID Attendance Monitoring System

     RFID Attendance Monitoring System (2013), this system is an electronic device which is use in attendance management system by faculty members. It provides robust, secure and automatic attendance administration in faculties.

Radio-Frequency Identification Attendance Monitoring has programmed RFID software specially for optimizing attendance tracking. Thus, combined RFID hardware with this software, it automates the whole system. (www.studymode.com)


Through the help of these different related studies and literature, the use of RFID and the different monitoring system the researchers can have additional knowledge to what they already know in developing the proposed system. But the study aims to develop a monitoring system using RFID tag and tag reader, moreover the related studies will serve as guidelines to the researcher on how to develop a non-existing system with a unique features which will help the faculty administrator to monitor the employees effectively.

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