Online Platform for Electricity Billing and Payment System

Online Platform for Electricity Billing and Payment System

Proposed System

Electricity is one of our basic necessities in life. We use electricity for multi-purpose in our home. Along with its importance in our life it is also crucial to pay bills on time to enjoy it without interruption of power supply. To avoid such interruption of electric power supply, the researcher of the proposed study entitled Online Platform for electricity billing and Payment system aimed to provide a system wherein falling in line in paying bills will be eliminated. Through the use of the system, paying bills is now quick via online means. The users of the system will pay bills anytime and anywhere without worrying with the due date of the payments. The researcher of the study will provide a system which is fast and reliable when it comes to payment services.

Online Platform for Electricity Billing and Payment System
Online Platform for Electricity Billing and Payment System

The proposed system will slowly eliminate the manual process of paying bills. The users will just utilize the system and pay for their bills conveniently. The system will provide choices on how they will pay their bills. The system will provide convenience both to the administrator and the user. For the administrators’ side, management of payments from different clients will be very easy. The system will lessen their paper works and will also lessen the risk they might encounter upon their operation. For the user side, paying their bills would not require physical presence; all they need to do is register in the system and pay their bills easily.

System Implementation

A lot of convenience in life comes with the use of electricity so paying bills on time is very important. The success of this project is highly significant for both the administrators and the users. To ensure the success of this project, the researchers will be presenting this project to the end users. Questionnaire will be distributed to be answered by the end user. This will assess the difficulties that might be encountered upon operating the system. Also, suggestions and recommendations from the end user will be very important for further enhancement of the system.

Objectives of the Study

  1. To let the user pay bills anytime and anywhere without jumping deadlines.
  2. To let administrators or management to have a system that will help them in bill payment transactions.
  3. To provide a fast, accurate and reliable system.
  4. To let user utilize a system for their fast and safe payment.
  5. To provide a system that is very accessible by the users.

Significance of the Study

The following list will benefit from this project:

User. They can pay their electric bills without any hassle. They will not be wasting a lot of their time and effort falling in line just to pay.

Admin. This will lighten their works in keeping in track with electric bill payments. The use of the system will lessen the errors and problem they might encounter in managing their customers payments.

Online Platform for Electricity Billing and Payment System Capstone Project
Online Platform for Electricity Billing and Payment System Capstone Project

Project plan/ SDLC

In this study, the researcher’s uses SDLC model, consist the six cycles which are: determining the project requirement, gathering of data, analyzing of data, system design and the coding phase.

First, the researchers determine all the requirements that are needed for the developing of the system. The researcher will determine whether its hardware or software will be used in the system. After determining all the requirements for creating this system, now proceeds to gather relevant information; they will conduct an interview to the management. After gathering all the necessary information for the system, it is the time to analyze the data; this is where the researcher analyzes the data to identify all the information needed for the development of the system. After that, the designing of the system, will takes place, in this cycle the researchers will design the system regarding to the requirement that specified, this is where the design is created in detailed. After the designing process, the coding phase will start. The last cycle, to finally build the system, the researcher should perform the last cycle, this is where they will encodes all the code for checking for the errors and debugging to know if it’s successful or not. The last process will ensure the stability of the system in its operations.

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