News Portal Application in PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap

News Portal Application in PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap

This project presents the abstract of the study, introduction, objectives of the study, beneficiaries and the SDLC method used is Modified Waterfall Model.


The project entitled News Portal Application is an upgraded version of traditional method of news delivery to the people through newspaper. News Portal Application is an online platform designed and developed in PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap. Modified Waterfall Model was used as the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) method. The said application was evaluated by experts and end-users as well. Results of evaluation show that the application meets the requirements needed by the end-users. Therefore, it is recommended that the News Portal Application should be implemented for it will contribute to the greater good of the company.

Introduction of the Study

More and more, computers are creeping into every aspects of school life. We are living in a fast paced world where everything is done instantly. News writers and bloggers are using computers to ease the time burden associated with the publication of their articles and news. Good software and meaningful applications provide substantial benefits for writers and bloggers as well: vastly improved communication, greater accountability, and greater objectivity in evaluation.

With the advancement of Information Technology, the Internet suddenly became an important aspect for local and global connectivity. Portal is defined as web site that provides a single point of access information and one of the many hosted within a single web portal server. As technology evolves alongside, the information revolution, the power of computer makes it easy to distribute and view information needed with just a few clicks.

With improvement of technology, the researchers decided to develop the News Portal Application. This project gives an efficient way of bringing information to internet users.

Significance of the Study (Beneficiaries)

News Writer. It will be a great tool to use for the writers to be able to publish their work online. Their works will reach more audience compare to the traditional newspaper approach.

Researchers. It will be a challenge for the researchers to design and develop an online portal using their skills in programming and web development.

Future Researchers. It will guide them to their future study and research topic relating to news portal application.

Objectives of the Study

The aim of the study is to develop and online platform wherein the users can upload and post their news and articles. It is also aimed to design an application that follows the need of the users through conducting evaluation that will make it user-friendly to the covered community.

Specifically, the News Portal Application will be able to:

  1. Design a user-friendly interface for the writers to write their content and publish it online.
  2. To provide moderation or control feature wherein administrators can review the articles before publishing online.
  3. To provide search facility feature to easily navigate and look for a specific news and content.
News Portal Application in PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap
News Portal Application in PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap

Software Development Life Cycle

The software development life cycle (SDLC) is a framework defining tasks performed at each step in the software development process. SDLC is a structure followed by a development team within the software organization. It consists of a detailed plan describing how to develop, maintain and replace specific software. The life cycle defines a methodology for improving the quality of software and the overall development process. The software development life cycle is also known as the software development process. (

Modified Waterfall Model

The waterfall model is the sequential approach implemented in software development. In this software development process, there is a steady flow from one phase into the other. The flow represents a waterfall, hence the name of the model. It is known as the traditional or pure waterfall model. (


The project entitled “News Portal Application”. This section presents the methodology used to develop the system, the system’s functionality, the suggested system content by the user’s and the project in developing the said system. It also includes the software and hardware requirements, software developer and people ware recommendations.

Functional user requirements are formally defined and delineate the requirements in terms of data, system performance, security and maintainability requirements for the system. All requirements are defined to a level of sufficient for systems design to proceed. All requirements need to be measurable and testable and relate to the business need or opportunity identified in the initiation phase.

Data Gathering

The researchers gathered all possible requirements for the system development the requirements gathered from the end users who are the benefactor of the system. The researcher conducted a survey questionnaire who validated by the experts. The questionnaires were used for gathering data to improve the performance of the proposed system.

Data analysis

The requirements are gathered from the end-user by consultation, wherein suggestions are given. We had also conducted a survey questionnaire which was validated by the three experts (IT Expert, English Grammarian, and Researcher). And these questionnaires were used as our data gathering tool that measures the performance of the manual system which serves as our basis for the development of our proposed system.

System Design

During this phase the System and Software Design was generated using the requirements captured in the requirements analysis. The design document is supposed to reference back to the requirements and satisfy each and every requirement. In this stage the researcher describes the technical details of the system and the researchers decided to used PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap.


In this phase, it stated the implementation and unit testing of the system.  The recommendation and suggestion of the users were also included in this phase.


The system modification were installed and made operational in a production environment. The phase was initiated after the system has been tested and accepted by the user. This phase continued until the system is operating in production in accordance with the defined user requirements.

Development Tools:

PHP7 – Introducing PHP 7 – a revolution in the way we deliver applications that power everything from websites and mobile to enterprises and the cloud. This is the most important change for PHP since the release of PHP 5 in 2004, bringing explosive performance improvements, drastically reduced memory consumption, and a host of brand-new language features to make your apps soar. (

News Portal Application Dashboard in Bootstrap
News Portal Application Dashboard in Bootstrap

MySQL – MySQL is the world’s most popular open source database, enabling the cost-effective delivery of reliable, high-performance and scalable Web-based and embedded database applications. It is an integrated transaction safe, ACID-compliant database with full commit, rollback, crash recovery, and row-level locking capabilities. MySQL delivers the ease of use, scalability, and high performance, as well as a full suit of database drivers and visual tools to help developers and DBAs build and manage their business-critical MySQL applications. MySQL is developed, distributed, and supported by Oracle, and the latest information about MySQL software can be found on the MySQL Web site. (

Bootstrap 4 – Bootstrap 4 is the newest version of Bootstrap; with new components, faster stylesheet and more responsiveness.

Bootstrap 4 supports the latest, stable releases of all major browsers and platforms. However, Internet Explorer 9 and down is not supported. (

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