LPG Leak Detection Review of Related Literature

LPG Leak Detection Review of Related Literature

Listed below are the components used in the project entitled LPG Leak Detection:

Arduino UNO Microcontroller

  1. Gas sensor module (MQ-6)
  2. 16*2 LCD display
  3. Jumping wires
  4. 9v battery
  5. BC 547 Transistor
  6. Buzzer
  7. 1k resistor
  8. Bread-board


So many incidents that may threatened people’s lives, one factor of it are fire and explosions caused by the leaking of LPG gases just like the incident happened on June 7, 2013 as reported in GMA news, “The explosion is more likely to have been caused by combustion or reaction of chemical substances,” Roxas said. “In view with the foregoing, the blast was consistent with a gas explosion, most likely LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)”.  Another related incident also happened at Ramanathapuram last May 11, 2013 where a girl was killed and three members of her family were seriously injured in a blaze caused by a leak in LPG cylinder at their house.  These are just one of the million reported incidents caused by LPG gas leakage if not detected and notified and in this chapter the researchers presents some related literature, studies and prior arts.

LPG Leak Detection Review of Related Literature
LPG Leak Detection Review of Related Literature

Some research reveals that our proposed system is similar to some points just like the study of Apeh S.T et al (2014), author of the Design and Development of Kitchen Gas Leakage Detection and Automatic Gas Shut Off System where the work aims at designing a system that detects gas leakage and alerts the subscriber through alarm and status display besides turning off the gas supply valve as a primary safety measure.  Yet, the system is more likely about giving first aid by giving only a sound alarm to the occupants and using solenoid valve in shutting off the gas valve.

In 2014 the study of Tanvira Ismail et al on GSM Based Gas Leakage Warning System where they have the objective in detecting the leakage of LPG gas, informing the user about the leakage of gas via SMS, activating the alarm unit to inform neighbors and switching on the exhaust fan as a primary preventive measure against gas leakage and turning off main power.  The only difference in the study is that switching off the main power is done after the gas leakage.

LPG Gas Leakage Detection Control System by Hitendra Rawat et al (2014) which they uses the same concept but only valve is shut off while on D. Hari Priya and Lalith Babu (2014) uses only a sound alarm as an alertness to users when leak is detected in their system Gas Leakage System.

The project of Ankit Sood et al on Microcontroller Based LPG Gas Leakage Detector Using GSM Module gas leakage is a major problem with industrial sector, residential premises and gas powered vehicles like CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) buses, cars etc. One of the preventive methods to stop accidents associated with the gas leakage is to install a gas leakage detection device at vulnerable places. The aim of this project is to develop such a device that can automatically detect and stop gas leakages in vulnerable areas. The system detects the leakage of the LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) using a gas sensor and uses the GSM to alert the person about the gas leakage via SMS. When the LPG concentration in the air exceeds a certain level, the gas sensor senses the gas leakage and the output of the sensor goes LOW. This is detected by the microcontroller and the LED and buzzer are turned ON simultaneously. The system then alerts the customer by sending an SMS to the specified mobile-phone. (www.researchpublish.com)

Another project from Ch. Manohar Raju and N. Sushma Rani (2014) entitled Android Based Automatic Gas Detection and Indication Robot where the proposed prototype depicts a mini mobile robot which is capable to detect a leakage in hazardous places and when leakage is detected it automatically sends notification.  Yet, the project is developed in android application for android based smart phones and sends notification through Bluetooth.


There are many existing studies and projects that are similar and related to the proposed system and that we uses the method same as the mentioned studies above yet the proposed system differs in the devices applicable to users since our system is applicable to android and not android based smart phones. The system also sends notifications not only via SMS but as well as on online which the researcher find it advantage compare to the notification send via Bluetooth since it could deliver notification at far distance.  Moreover, we will be using brushless motor to avoid sparks being caught by LPG gas when valve and power supply is automatically shut off.

Credits to the researchers and developers of the project/study

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