List of Capstone Project Titles for Information Technology

List of Capstone Project Titles for Information Technology

This article is a collection of Capstone Project ideas presented by our team. The capstone projects listed below are categorized based on their relation to various operating sectors and industries. The article’s content might help future researchers coming up with unique capstone project ideas.

The most crucial and first step in your capstone project journey as a student or researcher is to choose a topic. It is possible to fail if you choose a topic without giving it much thought. To begin, ensure that you are truly interested in the issue and that you are confident that the research part will never bore you. Second, make sure it’s in line with your curriculum and offers you the opportunity to demonstrate what you’ve learned in class to your teacher and it can be utilized in the real world. Listed below are categorized capstone project title ideas that may help future researchers.

School and Education Category – Importance of IT in Education

The educational sector has undeniably been infused with an abundance of resources and a platform for flexible learning processes and teaching methods thanks to information technology. It’s become even more vital now that we’re amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which is limiting our regular educational system and face-to-face sessions. As of today, flexible learning and new learning modalities were introduced by the means of technology as an aid to continuing the learning process even at home. IT is critical in education because it has paved the way for significant improvement and transformation in the sector.

List of Capstone Project Titles for Information Technology
List of Capstone Project Titles for Information Technology

Technology has significantly benefited the students, teachers, other stakeholders, and educational institutions as a whole. For students, technology has provided them with countless online resources where they can access information and learning materials easily and conveniently. They can learn independently by searching educational resources, enroll in online courses and other learning processes that technology can offer. For teachers, technology has become their aid in providing education to students. Technology allows them to have flexible teaching methods wherein they can extend education to students even without physical interactions. Technology has eased up and simplified the activities and tasks of teachers by providing then different computerized systems and applications. They can use technology to electronically conduct lessons, track student progress, checking attendance, and much more. For other school stakeholders, they can now easily complete transactions in school in a hassle-free manner. For an educational institution as a whole, technology has played an important part in fueling them with resources and platforms to conveniently manage school’s management areas and services. Indeed, Information Technology is essential in education.

Elearning System Dashboard Interface
Elearning System Dashboard Interface

Listed below are interesting Capstone project ideas under School and Education Category that our team provided:

  1. Online E-Learning System
  2. OJT Timesheet Monitoring System
  3. Online Examination System
  4. Student Tracking Performance
  5. Library Information System
  6. Student Information System
  7. Student Handbook Application
  8. Thesis and Capstone Archiving System
  9. School Portal Application
  10. School Events Attendance System
  11. Grading System
  12. Student Profile and Guidance Services with Decision Support
  13. Faculty Evaluation System
  14. Online School Documents Processing with Payment System
  15. Class Scheduling System
  16. Student Council Voting System
  17. Android Based E-learning
  18. OJT Records Monitoring System

Business and Accounting Category – IT in the Business World

Information Technology has transformed the business world and its use in streamlining business operations is widely visible. Different software, computerized systems, and applications streamline different business activities and tasks. Information Technology in the business world is ultimately to help the business be more efficient and productive.

IT in business plays a variety of roles, including but not limited to providing businesses with the tools to solve complex problems, assisting businesses in becoming more productive and time-efficient, allowing businesses to make better decisions, advancing marketing strategies, safeguarding data and troubleshooting, streamlining communication systems, and streamlining information systems. Information technology is, without a doubt, the driving force behind the tremendous advancements in the commercial world.

Below are examples of capstone project ideas presented by our team that are under the Business and Accounting Category:

  1. Sales and Inventory System
  2. Point of Sale Application
  3. Boarding House Management System
  4. COOP Management System
  5. Insurance Management System
  6. Beauty Parlor Management System
  7. Daily Time Record and Payroll System with Barcode/Biometric
  8. Budget Management System
  9. Queuing System
  10. Financial Management with SMS Notification
  11. Procurement Management System
  12. Financial Documents Archiving Management System
  13. Teller’s Queuing System Using Barcode Technology
  14. Service Marketplace System
  15. Tailor Booking Management System
  16. Expense Tracking and Monitoring System
  17. Loan Transaction and Reservation with SMS
  18. Accounting Information Management System
  19. Food Order and Catering Services System
  20. Online and SMS Based Salary Notification
  21. Pharmacy Stocks Management
  22. Laundry Booking System

Hotel and Tourism Category – Impact of IT Systems in Hotel Industry

Today’s tough competition in the Hotel industry has seriously challenged hotel businesses and tourism. However, with the usage of information technology, different hotel businesses have gained a competitive advantage to excel in the market. Technological innovations help hotel owners cope up with the fast-growing competition in the hotel industry. Hotels adapt the use of computerized systems and applications to automate the processes of their transactions and services offered. Different technologies have emerged and transitioned the way how hotel industry operates and conducts business. The impact of IT systems has fueled the hotel industry towards development and improvements.

The hotel sector has benefited from technology in a variety of ways, including cost reduction, increased operational efficiency, and improved services and customer experience. Improved communication, reservations, and guest service systems can benefit both customers and businesses. The tourism and hospitality industries have benefited from electronic labor to replace pricey human labor. This not only helps to save money on labor but also helps to avoid customer service concerns. The hotel and tourism industries continue to benefit from technology in a variety of ways. The use of technology in the hospitality and tourism industries has helped to streamline operations and make travel more comfortable and efficient.

Room Rates and Information of Hotel Reservation System
Room Rates and Information of Hotel Reservation System

Listed below are examples of capstone project ideas for the Hotel and Tourism Category by our team:

  1. Hotel Reservation Application
  2. Tourism Management Database System
  3. Management Information Systems for Tourism and Hospitality
  4. Hotel And Restaurant Management And Monitoring System with SMS Support
  5. Mobile Based Tourist Destination Information
  6. Hotel Best Prices Mobile Application
  7. Hospitality Information System
  8. Cloud-Based Property and Hospitality Management
  9. Hotel Booking App For Smart Travel
  10. Point of Sale (PoS) System used in the Hotel Industry
  11. BrowseHotel: Hotel Hopping using Mobile Devices
  12. Transaction Processing System in Hotel and Restaurant
  13. Travel Destination and Events Portal Capstone Project
  14. Property Management Information System
  15. Hotels and Vacation Rentals

Health-Related Capstone Project – Effect of IT on the Healthcare Sector

Technological advancements have made what was once unimaginable and a mere fantasy into reality. Information Technology is the driving force behind the significant changes and improvements in the healthcare sector. The deployment of different health technologies has saved numerous patients and improved healthcare services and operations immensely.

IT have have brought numerous positive effects on the healthcare care sector such as easier access to information, better patient care, and improved operational efficiency and services. One of the biggest benefits that IT has offered in the healthcare sector is the automation of different tasks and activities in the healthcare field. Hospital and patients records are now available electronically which makes them highly accessible and available. Hospitals will not heavily rely on Manual recording and physical storage anymore. Providing quality healthcare and better patient care has also become an easy and simpler task. There are numbers of health devices that made it easy to track and monitor a patient’s health anytime and anywhere.

The following Health-Related capstone project ideas below are provided by our team:

  1. COVID-19 Facilities Information System
  2. Contact Tracing Application
  3. Nutrition and Diet Mobile Application
  4. Gym Management System
  5. Android Based Fitness and Exercise App
  6. Web and Mobile Based Information of Herbal Plants and Medicinal Usages
  7. Medicine Reminder Application
  8. Blood Bank Information System
  9. Mobile Based Common Ailment Guide with Admin Panel
  10. Health and Welfare Monitoring System
  11. Web-Based Psychopathology Diagnosis System
  12. Online Platform for Patient Dental and Medical Records
  13. Clinic Management System
  14. Mobile Based E-Prescribing App with Admin Panel
  15. Mask Wearing Monitoring Application
  16. Patient monitoring and tracking system of family planning in the community
  17. Nutrition Office Management Information System
  18. Online Platform for COVID-19 Contact Tracing System
  19. Hospital Resources and Room Utilization
  20. Hospital Management System
  21. First Aid Knowledge-Based Mobile Application
  22. X-Ray Results Image Archiving
  23. Smart Healthcare Support for Remote Patient Monitoring During COVID-19 Quarantine
  24. Maternal Records Management

Vehicle and Transportation Category – Benefits of IT in Vehicle and Transportation

Technological innovations have dramatically change the way how transportation sector operates and r is not an exemption. Different technologies have benefited and improved vehicle and transportation systems which leads to the increase of the sector’s efficiency. Counting traffic, detecting crashes, collecting tolls and tickets, and controlling transit operations and traffic light systems have all been made easier thanks to IT systems and gadgets. Travelers profited from information technology as well, with easy and convenient travel and efficient transportation networks. The easy and high accessibility and availability of traffic condition reports, electronic maps, on-board vehicle performance monitors, real-time transit arrival information, and a plethora of other services that travelers rely on when they are on the road are just a few of the benefits for travelers.

Below are our team’s examples of capstone project ideas in-vehicle and transportation categories:

  1. Online Bus Ticket Reservation
  2. Vehicle Rental System with Mobile App Support
  3. Bike Portal Information System
  4. Vehicle Parking Management System
  5. Vehicle Impoundment Information Management System
  6. Vehicle Registration Portal
  7. Vehicle Franchising and Drivers Offense Software
  8. Traffic Management System
  9. Mobile Based Airline Reservation System (Android and IOS)
  10. Tricycle Driver Conduct Reporting Mobile Application
  11. Courier Management System
  12. QR Code Fare Payment System
  13. Driving School Management System
  14. PUV Transportation Route and Mapping System
  15. GPS based Vehicle Theft Detection System using GSM Technology
  16. Vehicle Insurance Information System
  17. Shipping Management System
  18. Driving School Management System

Crime and Disaster Management Category – Use of ICT in Crime and Disaster Management

In crime and disaster management, the use of information and communication technologies has become increasingly significant. Information sharing and communication integration are crucial in times of accidents, tragedies, catastrophes, and other emergencies to effectively respond to the situation. ICT is crucial in expediting the processes outlined above in crime and disaster management. It improves the efficiency of communication between responders and victims, increasing the chances of lives and resources being saved. Traditional ICT media such as radio and television, as well as advanced ICT such as the Internet, GIS, and other forms, are used in crime and disaster management. Early warning systems are being designed with these technologies in mind, quickening the process of readiness, response, and mitigation. Some cutting-edge methods and applications are being developed to help with effective communication and emergency response.

Below are capstone project ideas of our team for the Crime and Disaster Management Category:

  1. Mobile Based Emergency Reporting with SMS Support
  2. Interactive Flood Hazard Map
  3. Web and Mobile Crime Reporting System
  4. Weather Prediction App
  5. Bantay Baha Alert System with SMS and Push Notification
  6. Fire and Smoke Detection Application with SMS Notification
  7. SMS-based Flood Monitoring System
  8. Crisis Information Management Software
  9. Data Platform for Emergency Response Management
  10. Fire Extinguisher and Fire Fighting Drone
  11. Disaster Management Information System
  12. Crime Scene Management Mobile Application

Government Sector Related Capstone Project IT Solutions for Government Agencies/Sector

With the rapid changes that are occurring now, different government agencies or sectors are adapting to the automation brought by technology. Government agencies are employing IT-based solutions in their operations and transactions to increase efficiency. Its solutions help organizations in the government sector cut unnecessary costs, leaving more to invest in enhancing citizen experience when it comes to public services.

The government sector is in continuous search of an innovative IT solution to keep up with the rapid changes and demands of the citizen in their operations and transactions. The government sector will use IT-based solutions to deliver new value for citizens, streamline processes and increase work efficiency within employees in these respective agencies.

Vaccine Distribution System Bootstrap Template - Patient Dashboard
Vaccine Distribution System Bootstrap Template – Patient Dashboard

Listed below are some innovative government sector-related capstone projects:

  1. Health Center Information Management System
  2. Cedula Mobile: Cedula and Certification Request Mobile Application
  3. Census Monitoring
  4. Housing Information Management with Mapping
  5. Barangay Records Management System
  6. City Business Permit and Monitoring System with Decision Support
  7. BJMP’S Visitor’s Log Monitoring System
  8. Project Monitoring and Evaluation System
  9. Poverty and Malnutrition Monitoring System
  10. Information System for Bureau of Fire Protection
  11. DSWD Donation System
  12. Senior Citizen Information System
  13. Vaccine Distribution System
  14. Cloud-Based Business Permit Processing
  15. PWD Information System
  16. Evacuation Center Management System
  17. Curfew and Travel Pass Information System

Agriculture Related Capstone Project – IT Innovation for Agriculture

Modern technology has made life easier and simpler to live. The advent of computer technologies is the reason behind the improvement of every industry and institution and the agriculture field is no exception. Technological advancements are the driving force behind the improvement in the agricultural field. It introduces a systematic approach to increase efficiency in agricultural productivity.

No matter how hands-on are the operations in the Agricultural field, they have adapted and uses innovative IT solutions to assist them in their operation. The field of agriculture employs information technology to improve production in the food value chain, to help with crop management, pest control, quality control, and integrated disease management. Information Technology innovations will fuel the Agriculture sector for the future and growth of agriculture and food production. Agricultural operations have evolved and use creative IT solutions to support them in their operations, no matter how hands-on they are. Agriculture makes use of information technology to help with crop management, pest control, quality control, and integrated disease management throughout the food value chain. Agriculture’s future and expansion will be fueled by technological breakthroughs in the information technology sector.

Listed below are Agriculture Related Capstone project presented by our team:

  1. Solar-Powered Water Filtration System used in Farm Land
  2. Electronic Watering System for Vegetable Nursery Garden
  3. Mobile Based Farm Management Application
  4. Android Based Feeds Scheduler Dispensing Application
  5. Arduino Based Irrigation Device with Android Controlled Settings
  6. Water Monitoring For Aquaculture with SMS Notification
  7. Dairy Farm Management System
  8. Drone Based Seeding Application Controlled by Mobile Devices
  9. Online Record Archiving of Soil Analysis Results
  10. Web and Mobile Based Monitoring and Tracking of Fertilizer Delivery Products
  11. E-commerce Platform for Farm Trading Activities
  12. Soil Moisture Sensor using Micro Controller
  13. Mobile Based Instructional Material for Agriculture
  14. MobileMangrove a Mobile-Based Mangrove Species Field Guide
  15. Online Platform for Plant Calendar Scheduling
  16. Android Based Controlled Water Sprinkler


Technology is known as the catalyst for change that took place in different industries and institutions. Information Technology has changed the world dramatically. As of today, it is hard to imagine any sector or institutions that have not benefited from the advancements of technology. As stated above, different industries and sectors like School and Education, Business and Accounting, Hotel and Tourism, healthcare sector, vehicle and transportation, crime and disaster management sector, government sector, and agricultural sector have highly benefited from Information Technology. The most common role that IT played for these sectors is the automation of different operations and transactions to increase efficiency and improve the overall experience and satisfaction of the people. The aforementioned sectors and industries rely on the power of information technology for carrying out their daily tasks conveniently and on time.

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