Job Portal Management System Capstone Project Proposal

Job Portal Management System Capstone Project Proposal

 Proposed System

Technology is constantly changing, people need to cope up with all of this changes or else we will not going to stand or survive in this technical world. Along with this changes are the changes also on the way how people live their lives. In this modern society, people depends most of their works on technology. To meet this changes, the researchers proposed a system entitled Job Portal Management System. This proposed system aimed to highly digitize the employment queries. The system will let the job seekers find a right and a satisfactory job according to their qualification.

Job Portal Management System Capstone Project Proposal
Job Portal Management System Capstone Project Proposal

The proposed system will made some improvement from the current manual system. In the manual system data is stored in the form of registers which may encounter problems in keeping it for a long period of time due to human errors. Viewing for available jobs also require so much time and effort because job seekers will manually go and check for it at the agency. To address this, Job Portal Management System is going to be develop.

The system will let the employee and employer register at the same time. Using the system it will be easier for the job seekers to browse for jobs. Also, for the employers, it will be easy for them to post an update about the available jobs and the qualification needed for it. So, it enables applicants to search for jobs in a convenient manner and to enable employers to find suitable candidates.

System Implementation

The proposed system will make job transaction fast and job seekers may take less effort in finding available jobs that would suit their qualifications. Also employers will be hassle-free in employing for their vacancy. For further enhancement and development, the system was presented to the end users. The researchers provide questionnaire to answer questions, clarifications, and difficulties that might be encountered upon operating the system.


This is to provide a platform in which applicants and employers can have a faster communication. To let employers maintain updates of job details and vacancies. To let job seekers easily upload their resumes for their chosen jobs. This is to provide a more convenient job search. Provide accurate and up-to-date information for the sake of the users.

Significance of the Study

The following individuals or group will benefit from the study.

The Employer. If this study will succeed, employers will be highly benefited because it will make their work a lot easier. They can update and post for vacancy details and details as and when is it necessary. Employers can search through applicants resume based on different criteria. The Administrator. If this study results satisfactory, this will enable the work of the administrator be easier. The administrator can manage the entire system and maintains the profile of the applicants and employers smoothly.

The Users/ Job Seekers. This will provide them a platform that would let them browse for job quickly. They can post their resume and update it as frequent as they want. Using this system would let applicants find job quickly.

Project Plan/SDLC

The researcher used software development life cycle (SDLC) in this project.

The first step that the researchers have done for this project is to determine the project requirements. This is where the researchers determine the requirements of the proposed system. In this stage, the researchers decide what software and hardware to use.

After determining the requirements needed, then the researchers proceed to the second step which is data gathering. This is done through conducting an interview to the management office to determine the important information needed for the system.

After gathering the important data, then the researchers will analyze the data to be able to identify the necessary information needed for the development of the system.

After identifying the necessary information for the development, then the researchers will design the system basing on the requirements specified. In this stage, the researchers will present the design of the system in a detailed and organized manner.

Lastly, after designing the system, the coding phase will start. The researchers will encode the codes in accordance to the previously defined requirements. In this stage the researchers will make sure the stability of the software.

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