Exam Paper Repository Management System

Exam Paper Repository Management System

Proposed System

The researcher of the study entitled Exam Paper Repository Management System is to provide a platform wherein all the information of the previous examination paper are stored. The system will enable the administrator to manage all the information about the exam paper, subject, staff, and questions. This project is built for the administrators of the exam paper repository. The admin will be the one who will have an access to the system. The admin will be responsible to manage the entire information store in the system. The proposed system is built to reduce manual works in keeping all previous exam papers.

The proposed system will eliminate the manual process of keeping the exam papers. The manual system is prone on encountering errors and problems like misplacing the exam papers. The proposed system will serve as the centralized location for the exam papers.

Exam Paper Repository Management System
Exam Paper Repository Management System

System Implementation

The proposed system will be presented to the end user which will be the educational institutions. The researchers will give them questionnaire about the functionality of the system. They will answer the questions and after which they can give their suggestion and recommendations to be done in the system to improve its effectiveness.

Objectives of the Study

  1. To provide a system that will help in managing the exam papers in a hassle free manner.
  2. To let administrators have a searching facility for exam paper files.
  3. To reduce manual work in terms of keeping previous exam papers.
  4. To provide a system that will serve as storage of various exam papers.
  5. To provide a system that is reliable, efficient and accessible by the users which are the administrators.
Exam Paper Repository Management System Capstone Project
Exam Paper Repository Management System Capstone Project

Significance of the Study

The following groups or individuals will benefit from the study:

Administrator. This will lighten their loads of works. The success of this project will significantly benefit the admins of different educational institutions. The system will serve as their repository for different exam papers.

Proponents. If this project succeeds, the proponents will be benefited.  They will know thoroughly how the system operates accurately.

Project Plan/SDLC

The researchers of this project use Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). For this project, the researchers utilizes the six steps which are; determining the project requirement, gathering of data, analysing of data, system design and the coding phase.

First, the researchers determine the requirements needed for the system. The researcher will decide what hardware and software will be used in the system. After the researchers determine the project requirements, it is time for them to talk to the management office to gather information and important details needed for the system. Right after gathering information the researchers will analyse the data to determine the necessary information needed for the system. Once, the researchers have the clear and detailed product requirements, it is time to design the complete system. The system design will have the understanding and detailing the complete hardware and communication setup for the product under development. Lastly, after designing the system the coding phase will start.The coding is performed based on the coding guidelines and standards. The code goes through numerous code reviews and is optimized for best performance before the final building of the system.

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