AdviseMobile Web and Mobile Guidance Consultation System

AdviseMobile Web and Mobile Guidance Consultation System


The capstone project entitled “AdviseMobile: A Web and Mobile Based Guidance Consultation System” is a web and mobile based platform for guidance consultation. The system support queries by users that seek for guidance counselling.

AdviseMobile Web and Mobile Guidance Consultation System
AdviseMobile Web and Mobile Guidance Consultation System

In most cases, guidance consultation usually happens in academic institutions. Students are the one who mostly undergo guidance counselling. In the conventional way, guidance consultation happens in guidance offices headed by the guidance counsellor. If the students are summoned or wish to ask for guidance consultation they personally go to the office and talk to the guidance officer. This kind of consultation system is inconvenient for both parties due to physical barriers. In most cases, conflicts in time occurs, especially that the guidance counsellor do not only attend to one student. Guidance consultation that are done physically will be very time consuming and needs a physical effort which would cause delays in other scheduled consultations.

Proposed Solution

The Web and Mobile Based Guidance Consultation System is the proposed solution for the above problems encountered in the manual way. The system will have two sides, the user side and the admin side. The user side are those who wish to seek for guidance counselling, students are most likely the users of this system. The admin side will be the different guidance counsellors. The system will serve as a platform where guidance consultation takes place. The system will eradicate the physical barriers and time constraints in the conventional way of guidance consultation.

With the problems identified, the researchers have come up to a proposal to address those concerns. The proposed information system is available in web and mobile platform. The researchers are hopeful that the IT based solution can solve the above stated problems.

Objectives of the Study

General Objective – the main objective of this capstone project is design and develop a web and mobile based guidance consultation system that would improve the existing manual system.

The following are the specific objectives of this project:

  1. The system will serve as a virtual platform for guidance consultation.
  2. To provide a system that is accessible and available to use.
  3. To design a system that would quickly address those who seek for guidance.
  4. The system will improve the respond time of the guidance counsellors.
  5. Output of the capstone project will be tested in two ways:
    1. Web version will be tested in different modern browsers
    2. Mobile version will be installed and tested on the specific mobile operating systems (Android and iOS).
  6. It is also intended to gather an information through the evaluation from the IT expert and end-users.

Significance of the Study

The following will benefit from this study:

Users or the Students. They will have a platform wherein they could easily reach out for their concerns and ask for guidance from the experts.

Guidance Counsellors. They will have a convenient platform for transaction. They can easily complete guidance consultation session.

Researchers. The success of this system will contribute to their knowledge in developing web and mobile based system.

Future Researchers. They can use this study if they wish to develop similar system with additional features or if they wish to pursue similar study.

Development Tools

Development will come into two forms, one for web version and the other is for the mobile app. The researchers will try to develop a native application for mobile application. Native means that the application will be coded based on the nature of the mobile OS. For Android, it will be coded in Java, Kotlin or maybe C#. Meanwhile, Swift or Objective C will be used for the iOS devices. Web based side of the project will be developed under the stack of PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap.

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